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How CEOs Can Help Inform Employees about Workers’ Comp

In order to protect your company, you need to have a firm grasp on all the laws that govern you. This means that you need to be aware of how workers’ comp affects your business and your employees. Here are some ways that you can inform your employees about workers’ comp claims. Create a Safety Program You want to protect ...

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Senior Professionals: Why It’s Never too Late to Start Your Own Business

One of the things that my experience as an entrepreneur has taught me is that it is never too late to start a business.  There are a lot of misconceptions going around about self-employment and owning a business when it comes to whether or not someone can take it on.  Being an entrepreneur, starting a business, running a business, growing ...

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Smart Staffing Options for EHR Implementation

The implementation of an Electronic Health Record program is often as much of an art as it is a science. While a thorough understanding of what technology can deliver is essential along with precise planning and gap analysis, you also need to augment basic planning and preparation with staffing alternatives that can assist you to create an implementation program that ...

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Vacation Like a Boss: How to Unplug and Leave the Office Behind

Some of the strongest memories of my childhood are of summer vacations. The idea of spending time away from home with my family always brought excitement. Packing our bags and getting away for a while was the one thing I truly looked forward to once school let out. Funny thing is, it didn’t matter where we went. Back then, there ...

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Quick, Healthy Tips for Small Biz Owners & Employees

As we return to work this New Year, health is always top of mind. Working in an office setting can often discourage physical activity throughout the day, but turnstone, a Steelcase brand, believes you can actually leave the office healthier than when you arrive in the morning with just a few small changes to your daily routine. turnstone recently partnered with ...

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How to Overcome Stress As an Entrepreneur

Stress. Every business owner has a lot of it – it’s almost a prerequisite for being an entrepreneur. However, too much stress takes a toll on your health and can eventually lead to multiple chronic illnesses. Sometimes, to power forward, you need to concentrate on rejuvenating your mind and body. Get More Sleep It sounds counter-intuitive, but sleep helps you ...

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What Delay In Affordable Care Act Implementation Means For Your Business

The White House announced in early July that it would delay until 2015 enforcement of a provision in the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) that will require employers to provide insurance to full-time employees. The law, which was set to take effect January 1, 2014, has received criticism from small business groups who say the law unfairly burdens them. Businesses ...

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What Can Entrepreneurs Do for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Majority of people knew that most entrepreneurs are very influential individuals in this world as they play an important role in improving the market and the industry too. Because this October is breast cancer awareness month, various campaigns are conducted and held in order to increase the awareness of people to this particular disease. October is the annual month for ...

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What Foods Give You The Most Energy?

Entrepreneurs work extremely hard and just like any car or truck, business owners need fuel to get them through the day. Some entrepreneurs and business owners shared what particular foods give them the most energy. Glow-Green Smoothie, Seeds and Nuts & Fruits and Vegetables (1) Glow-Green Smoothie – Filled with lots of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help you power through ...

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3 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Stay Healthy

It’s hard to stay healthy as an entrepreneur. With so much pressure and responsibility, it is hard for entrepreneurs to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. Entrepreneurs provide 3 tips for being healthy: Ask for Help, Farm Don’t Hunt, Get Out  of your Head Tip 1 – Don’t get into the “I Have to Do It All Myself” syndrome. Healthy entrepreneurs ...

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