Real Entrepreneurs Move From Imagination To Execution

An intense football match needs practice, self-determination and a positive spirit. Furthermore, in the football match, there are the spectators who sit in the grandstands. Perhaps they are cheering for a favorite team or have great admiration for a famous member. Some want to be a part of the game, and try to run eagerly on the field.

In the industrialist world, the entrepreneur represents the team members on the field; while a person filled with ideas or dreams of success are in the grandstands.

It is easy to think you are getting somewhere by watching others thrive, especially when they look intimidating.  However, true entrepreneurs “accept the risk that comes with launching an idea, while remaining focused on the controllable factors that can result in favorable outcomes” according to Jay Talley the CEO at Full Time Solutions. You have the business ideas; which is the first step, but a real entrepreneur will “get it done right and get it done right now” says Kevin A. Mercuri, President and Founder at Propheta Communications. To become an entrepreneur, you must take these three steps which guarantee triumph.

  • Find a role model. Let their words inspire and motivate you. Michelle Rubin, Entrepreneur for Memory Blanks, encourages entrepreneurs with these words “anybody who has the passion about something can turn it into a business.” There are many successful entrepreneurs who started off with just a couple of ideas. Read about them and learn from their experience.
  • Do your research. A successful entrepreneur is not born immediately; you must understand why you want to be an entrepreneur. Note that financial success should not be your ultimate reason for becoming an entrepreneur. Eric Stanton, a cartoonist and comic book artist stated that “sales can be extremely rewarding, perhaps the most rewarding function of business. But it also has the potential to be dangerously depressing.” While you research, ask yourself:

What if the business is not feasible?

What steps to take in having a successful business?

What are the downfalls?

How long will it take to reach these goals?

  • Learn strategic marketing. As a future entrepreneur you must know how to sell yourself. But before you can sell your ideas, you must be confident about what you will be offering. No real entrepreneur enters a business with uncertainty about why they are selling their product. Barb Getty, a real estate investor, landlord and author, believes that as an entrepreneur you must “prepare well, trust yourself, and go for it!”. Build your portfolio and promote this to buyers and investors. The Internet is a great tool for marketing ideas today. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are excellent tools for professionals. Also, social media is a great marketing tool to form partnerships.

A successful football team can lose a game; likewise, it is possible for entrepreneurs to become a success and then fail. Remember, as you approach the field, keep focused and stay in the game.

Racquel Porter is a contributing writer for Hearpreneur.com

Image: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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