Your Company Sucks (Book Review)

Title: Your Company Sucks

By: Mark Stevens

Date: To be released August 2011

Pages: 208

Twitter Review: Quick read on how to save your biz & thrilling clients. Not in-depth, but good info to get you to focus on company problems.

Complete Review:

This is the latest book in the series of “Your [blank] Sucks.” The title is very direct and gets to the heart of what this book is about–your marketing and why it sucks.  The pages of the book takes the statement a step further and explains exactly how you can save your business before it crashes and burns.  In this book, Stevens doesn't sugar coat anything and delivers a direct and quick readers for those that don't have much time to save their business.  This book is even relevant for those that haven't started or are in what Stevens calls the “Infancy” stage of their business.  While the book doesn't go into extreme depth about the reasons that business succeed and were successful it does offer four reasons why business fail–(1) Ineffectual Leadership (2) The Lust-to-Lax Syndrome (3) Incompetence (4) Conventional Thinking.  Some might argue that there are more reasons, but Stevens describes each of these reasons thoroughly and brings in case studies ranging from L.L. Bean to Marilyn Monroe.

The largest part of this book is devoted to thrilling your customers  and Stevens uses many examples including Marilyn Monroe to exhibit her ability to thrill.  As Stevens says, “No woman ever stood in a room with Marilyn and felt beautiful. No man ever shared her presence and felt sane.”  Stevens even says, “Every time you wonder how you can make your business better, resist the temptation to read a treatise from Harvard Business School.”


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