Outwitting The Devil (Book Review)

Book: Outwitting The Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success

Author: Napoleon Hill annotated by Sharon Lechter

Pages: 269

Twitter Review: Great read in a unique conversational format. Drives home points on success and how and why some make it and others don't.

Review: This is not the average book for entrepreneurs.  This doesn't deal with business plans or financials; rather, it is an exploration into the mindset of those who have succeed and those who do not succeed.  The book is written in a conversation between author Napoleon Hill and the Devil who Hill has forced to reveal all his secrets.  Everything including school, purpose, fear, self-discipline, adversity and religion is explored in this book, but the most beneficial part for entrepreneurs is the way that the Devil explains all his secrets and tactics to deter so many people from success.  Most of the book takes place as a conversation and Lechter provides comments and questions for readers throughout the book to tie it in to today (as the front says it has been hidden since 1936).   This is certainly a book to pick up not to write a business plan, but to develop and train oneself in order to take the steps that are necessary for success.  Just as Hill inspired people with his book Think and Grow Rich during the Great Depression, Outwitting The Devil will inspire people during this recession. This is a not just a great book for entrepreneurs, but for all people to learn how they can “outwit the devil.”


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  1. I just finished reading "Outwitting the Devil" and its a fantastic conclusion to the last chapter of "Think and Grow Rich".

    I highly recommend "The Law of Success" as well. It’s before Think and Grow Rich. I have been internalizing/auto suggesting myself all his books from the day I found out about him. This information works!!!

    Need help let me know?

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