How Do You Find & Recruit Talent?

As important as it is to keep good books and have a strategic mindset, it is just as important to find and recruit talented people. While the processes and planning is important, for business owners it is also important to put the correct people in place to be successful. We asked a few entrepreneurs and business owner how to find, recruit and keep talented employees.

Lead in command, but not necessarily in control all of the time

Far too many business leaders have a fixation with controlling their employees actions, commonly known as micro-management. It kills creativity, enthusiasm and the desire to innovate to find better and faster ways of doing things. Most people want to be valued, to have a “say” in how they work. They are also smarter than management thinks and has the pulse of what is happening within their sphere of work and thus, sees more clearly what needs to happen and how to get it done most efficiently and effectively. Giving our employees the freedom to experiment, to alter procedures, processes and systems within reasonable boundaries opens the door for them to “make a meaningful difference.” And even when they fail, something will be learned, and gained.

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Become the Leader as Coach

 Become known as the Coach the Players want to play for. In other words, become the Leader as Coach. Too frequently leaders are simply directive, give feedback, and provide orders to their employees. Better leaders learn that in order to build alignment and engagement within their teams, and to create rock star employees (and not duds) that a true culture of coaching must be created. Coaching allows employees to explore their options, make decisions, and execute behaviors on their own accord, and not solely as a result of being told to do something. It builds confidence. It expands learning. It increases alignment and builds engagement, which ultimately leads to increased retention.

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Assess Potential Hires As A Whole

The Harvard Business Review recently estimated that 80 percent of mis-hires are due to incompatible personalities within the organizational culture. When recruiters focus strictly on past work experience, they are not taking into consideration the true sense of the potential employee. Hiring the right people for your organization is absolutely essential for success, and today recruiting is more challenging than ever. While job boards and social media make it easy to promote open positions to the masses, it doesn’t mean that it will be easier to find the right fit for your organization. In fact, these digital tactics only make the proverbial haystack bigger. If you have crucial positions to fill, be sure that you are assessing potential hires as a whole – look beyond qualifications (including personality traits). One way to target good prospective hires is to ask your current staff for recommendations. Employee referrals typically produce more qualified applicants that allow you to fill positions faster and these employees perform better and stay longer. Why? Because employee referrals are based on existing relationships, where your staff are familiar with an applicant’s personality and strengths.

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