6 Articles Business Owners Should Read Before Obama, Romney Debate Tonight

President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney come face to face for the first time in the presidential campaign tonight to debate the issues of the country. One of the key groups that are sure to be discussed tonight are small business owners. For those busy entrepreneurs that have been running their businesses, we compiled some information from across the web to prepare business owners for tonight.

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  1. What Small Business Owners Want to Hear During the DebateFox News – A side-by-side comparison of what entrepreneurs and business owners want to hear tonight from Obama and Mitt Romney.
  2. Romney and Obama focus on small business as Election Day draws near – New Jersey News Room – A recent USA Today/Gallup Poll found that small business owners are split in their support: 47 percent to 47 percent.
  3. Small business owners hope presidential debate sheds light on economic policies – Washington Post – Local small business owners will tune into the debate to see what is said about economic policies.
  4. Obama tops Romney in new poll of small business owners – Washington Post – Small business owners who consider themselves independent give the edge to the president’s economic policies, according to a new survey.
  5. Survey finds small business owners believe Obama making economy worse – Biz Journals – A new survey by the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the National Association of Manufacturers found that many small business owners believe President Barack Obama has made the economy worse.
  6. Many small business owners to vote for Romney – Examiner – 66% of small business owners surveyed felt Romney would be better for small business while 35% said Obama would drive more jobs.

Romney and Obama debate again Oct. 16 and Oct. 22. The lone debate for the vice presidential candidates is Oct. 11.

Image Credit: ABC News


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