New 3D Design Tool Turns Business Owners Into Designers

One of the steps that often gets overlooked for entrepreneurs and business owners is the office and the importance of planning and designing an office that allows entrepreneurs to effectively and efficiently run their business.

Steelcase and Turnstone understand this and have launched a new tool that allows workers and aspiring office designers to plan and design workspaces in 3D using the Unity gaming platform. The tool which helps small business owners, office managers and home office users become interior designers and create and customize a sample workspace without spending any money. Users can share their designs on Facebook and Twitter, purchase the floor designs they create and drop and drag furniture and customize the floor plans.

Sara Johnson, Steelcase channel development manager knows the importance of the office explaining that a well-designed physical workspace enables workers to thrive creatively and ultimately impact business results.” Johnson believes that the online tool “uses gaming technology giving consumers and workers a simple solution to design a workspace before purchasing the furniture. For design-novices, the tool removes the barriers that stand in the way of better office design: uncertainty, unknown costs and time.”

In celebration of the launch of the tool, Steelcase and Turnstone are also announcing a design contest. To enter simply use the tool to design a space and publish it to the site. Each entry submitted will automatically be entered into a weekly drawing for a Steelcase Leap® or Cobi® chair. For official rules and details of the contest, please visit or Three winners will be announced on the site each week throughout the month of October.

Image credit: Turnstone


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  2. Any business must have a good location of their office. A location that can be easily accessible to the customers. The ambiance of the office must be considered also as well as the office design and layout.

  3. When I first looked at the headline, I thought your article will speak about web design tools, and I was ready to exclaim something like – It is terrible! How an entrepreneur can be a web designer! However, it turned out you speak of designing an office, and it is actually a great tool! I thought Unity is only a gaming platform, it is cool that you can build such software with it. I should make a note in order to remember to use in a next project for my team. I know what a pain it is when your office is uncomfortable as hell.
    “A well-designed physical workspace enables workers to thrive creatively and ultimately impact business results” – I wish my employer shared her views.
    I think it can also be used to design home space. When I was remodelling my house I simply used Photoshop,
    And I thrive to take part in the contest. Is it still going on?

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