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Featured Post: Little Things Make a Big Difference in a Functional Office

It is shocking how much money is put into initially setting up a small business workspace. There is so much focus on the big things; that the little things often slip between the cracks. So much of the time, it is simple necessities of life that make the biggest difference in having a polished workspace conducive for productivity vs a place they are eager to leave even before the workday ends.


One of the most overlooked little things is the humble desk chair. For a couple hundred dollars more, you can offer a chair your employee will be happy to sit in for a full day. Chairs that are uncomfortable, cause back or neck strain, and do not have to proper support or adjustability not only cause frustration, but injuries that lead to time off. Once a person has taken time off from a bad chair, they will not rush to come back to it. Don’t cheap out on the chair. Ergonomics is not just a luxury. It is a necessity for office workers.


How’s your coffee service? I’m asking because whether or not you know it, poor service costs you hours of productivity. Your workforce is running a few minutes late every day because they are stopping by their favorite coffee shop before coming to work. They don’t really want to start everyday with a $5 cup of coffee. It is just that your free coffee is an even worse option. They would also rather skip the drama that often surrounds office coffee.

If a great mug of coffee awaited them at work, they wouldn’t need to make the dash to the busy drive-through. You would regain hundreds of hours of productivity every year just because people would get to work on time. Yes, they will leave their desk every hour to get another cup of coffee. But the point is they will be getting that coffee in the office, not leaving to get it some place else. Provide that small perk and it will more than pay for itself from extra productivity of your coffee drinkers. And that is just about every one.


Invest in climate control. Don’t put off air conditioning repairs; find a local air conditioning service, like AirDex, that specializes in commercial HVAC systems. Don’t make your employees have to bundle up when the weather is cold. Every moment a person is fiddling with the fan in their cube or looking for a blanket to fight off the chill, is a moment of productivity lost to the cause of saving a few pennies. Here is a tip: you cannot save enough pennies to make it worth climate frustration in your office.


Finally, don’t forget the art and plants. If you view a cube farm from the ceiling, it looks like a machine with humans supplying the power. Don’t make the people who work for you feel like the cogs and sprockets of a machine. Instal some real live plants that actually require water and care. You will have more than enough volunteers from your workers. Put pictures on the walls, even in the break room. Make it feel cozy and alive. Make it a space where humans want to be, and the humans you hire will be more likely to enjoy their environment, and their work by extension.


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