The Vaping Industry and Retail Merchandising: An Economic Phenomenon and a Technological Breakthrough

Within the world of online retail trends, there are few phenomena as popular (globally) and as lucrative (financially) as the vaping industry. This category, with its loyal enthusiasts, merchants and consumers, and its own media culture, has significant appeal to aspiring entrepreneurs. Analysis further underscores this observation, since operating a single online store focused on this audience is already a source for expansion and innovation among business owners worldwide.

According to research performed by Wells Fargo Securities, vaping has consistent double-digit growth – some related fields even have triple-digit numbers – in which revenues now exceed $1.7 billion internationally. Factoring Internet sales into this equation, which range from $500 million to $625 million, reveal there are many ways for independent retailers to enjoy success in this rapidly evolving environment.

In fact, several elite executives from Silicon Valley and venture capital firms are already in this space. For example: A collection of stories from Businessweek confirms that Homewood Capital, an investment fund run by Douglas Teitelbaum and Sean Parker, the respective founder of Napster and former president of Facebook, has major positions in companies in this arena.

To further illustrate this importance of this matter, the return on investment (ROI) for a single well-run vape shop can easily generate more than $1 million in annual revenues. Achieving that level of income does, however, require a means to streamline the process by which retailers can open their own online vape shops.

This plug-and-play solution would complement the needs of business owners, and fulfill the demands of consumers. This model would also enable retailers to have their own websites with a multitude of features, including: E-commerce features, live customer service, hardware, and employee and inventory management tools. With these resources, opening a vape shop would be fast, easy, secure and thoroughly professional.

As a marketing consultant and business advisor, I believe the interest for such a scenario exists; I know it exists because executives do not want to act as referee for developers, programmers, coders and vendors. Policing these groups is too costly and counterproductive. Indeed, this method of selling vaporizers, batteries, tanks and other accessories should not be difficult to debut, customize or maintain.

Again, these assertions serve to highlight the strength of the plug-and-play solution. Think of this option as not only an obvious one (in terms of convenience), but a necessary answer that avoids delays, complications, cost overruns or technical errors.

Thus, as a result on my own research and conversations with executives in this industry, I would like to call attention to Open a Vape Shop, which includes a group of individual vendors – each is an expert in their particular field – working together, so a retailer does not have to identify, recruit, screen, interview or hire anyone.

Full disclosure: I do not own a vape shop, am not a partner (silent or otherwise) with or an investor in Open a Vape Shop; and have no formal contractual relationship to this industry. The same statement applies to the partners (see below) asociated with Open a Vape Shop. Instead, my interest is the product of my own due diligence and review of ways to apply the plug-and-play model to other online industries.

I also recognize that “vapers” are no longer a minority with small group of followers. Vaping is currently an international pastime with a diverse array of users, representing a cross-section of business and technology professionals. Sales figures demonstrate that vaping is anything but a cloud of smoke, pun intended.

My recommendation to retailers and merchandisers is, therefore, direct: If you scrutinize this situation, and if you dissect the numbers and growth patterns for several industries, then it is impossible to dismiss the trends involving vape shops, vape news, vapers and vaping.

This community extends to social media, a separate marketing giant unto itself, where there is a robust conversation about vaping and vape-branded products.

The Plug-and-Play Model for Retail Merchandisers: The Success of Vaping

The overarching theme to this cultural and financial story rests, in my opinion, with the plug-and-play model for opening an online store.

Open a Vape Shop, and its affiliated partners like, blazonco, Total-Apps and E-Gains Distributing, symbolize a choice that should work for any retailer – in any industry – where there are incoming requests to quickly assemble a secure, reliable and affordable online store.

By describing (with easy-to-follow bullet points) the features of the three available options from Open a Vape Shop, a user knows what he or she will receive, when and from whom these services will be unveiled, along with links to the specialists mentioned above.

According to Linda Pasinli, President of Total-Apps, the plug-and-play model is perfect because “it gathers experts of the best caliber, with a robust portfolio of work. Open a Vape Shop is a revolutionary solution for retailers and merchandises, with the capabilities to work for other high-growth industries.”

The marketing strengths involved here have two core advantages. First, an entrepreneur can judge the credibility of each partner (on Open a Vape Shop, or a hypothetical site for another industry with the same vendors) in record time. The links lead to each company’s website, where a potential business owner can read about that vendor’s work history.

And secondly, everything is unambiguous about what each partner manages.

This vaping solution is real, practical and valuable, a symbol of the future of e-commerce – right now. It is also affordable, reliable and free of the obstacles that too often confront first-time entrepreneurs and veteran executives. With the right partners, and backed by credible and innovative technology, there is now a superior way – a logical means – to reap the rewards of running an online business without any of the customary challenges.

This answer is powerful and real, period.


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