6 Tips for Traveling Entrepreneurs

Meet local entrepreneurs while traveling, make your travels cheaper, take part in the entrepreneurial eco-system, and more.

Are you heading down the runway soon to expand your global network with ambitious entrepreneurs? Before you take off make sure to run through this list of advice. This advice is designed to make it cheaper to travel but also to get the most out of the local startup scene while expanding your global network.

1. Meet a local entrepreneur

It is easy to become a stranger in a new city while traveling. Your network is back home and it is a challenge to find the right people to talk to. Meeting local entrepreneurs for coffee while traveling can be a good opportunity to get valuable insights into the local startup scene. Find a local entrepreneur in the city you are traveling to and ask him to meet you for coffee. You can find entrepreneurs at Startuptravels.

2. Find a desk to work at

When traveling as an entrepreneur it is important to maintain productive work habits. Sitting at a café is one way to do it but does not really add value to your travel experience. Contact a local startup and ask if you can borrow a desk at their office for a day or two. Doing it this way you will be seated in a productive environment and also expand your network with valuable likeminded people. While being mutual beneficial it also gives you valuable insight in the local market if you wish to expand your business in the country.

3. Find entrepreneurs to stay with

Traveling can be expensive and especially if you book a fancy hotel room in the middle of the city. Sitting alone in an expensive hotel room does not add any value to your travel experience. Instead of booking a hotel you should look for an entrepreneur to stay with. No matter if you are a computer programmer or a business developer you can always find entrepreneurs who would love to pick your brain. Reach out to a few local entrepreneurs and ask to borrow his couch or bed for a day or two.

4. Get an overview of the local startup scene

Before traveling to another city you should get an overview of the local startup scene. Find the best accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces and set up a meeting to hear more about what is going on in the city. Accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces are in contact with entrepreneurs on a daily basis and can tell you all you need to know about the city and the startup eco system.

5. Attend an event

No matter what city you are traveling to you can find interesting events to attend. Search for events that relates to you and the people you aim to network with. An event usually does not take more than a few hours and the benefits of attending an event can easily outweigh the time related cost of attending.

6. Delete your cookies

Quick tip every entrepreneur should know about. When you are searching for tickets make sure to delete your cookies in the browser first. Airplane companies can see when you have been searching for the same destination a few times and increase the prices every time. Delete your cookies and make sure to get the best possible price.

Anders is the founder of Startuptravels – a network allowing you to meet local entrepreneurs while traveling. You can look for a place to stay, a desk to work at or arrange a meet up for coffee. 

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