Leadership in a Global Economy: Empowering Entrepreneurs and Expediting Transactions

The cavalier description of the global economy is now part of our business vernacular.

But the term itself is so elastic, and thus so ambiguous, that it can mean anything and nothing. The danger of this phenomenon is that worldwide commerce, transmitted and finalized at the speed of the electron, the nonstop circumnavigation of the planet by fiber optic cables, broadband, bandwidth and the reduction of all economic activity to ones, zeroes and light – this environment can easily devolve into anonymity, chaos and distrust.

This situation, which demands a personalized, credible solution, is a necessity for every merchant and consumer; it is also an urgent requirement for users of peer-to-peer, digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Among that latter trio of payments, which continue to gain acceptance at an exponential rate, endorsed by first-time entrepreneurs and established financiers alike, the long-term success of these currencies depends on giving a voice for – and a face to – the global economy.

We must humanize the way we experience this revolution in trade and this transformation in culture, where money itself (or rather, alternatives to fiat dollars) transcends borders and speaks the universal language of mankind: Mathematics.

And yet, the cold tyranny of science is, by its very nature, stark and dispassionate: It takes talented men and women – professionals of unimpeachable character and unrivaled expertise – to earn the loyalty of users and the fervent testimony of supporters, who, in the honesty of their words and the rousing intensity of their beliefs, say, “You must try this!”

By “this,” they mean a site or resource that provides an invaluable benefit and an unmistakable degree of authenticity. To wit, I offer a hearty amen because, as a member of, which accepts a multitude of digital currencies and manages a large volume of transactions, I want the same things.

I want the peace of mind that, never mind the impersonal atmosphere of an online business, is too often missing with traditional, brick-and-mortar companies. I want the convenience – and security – that innovative technology possesses, along with reverence for the rules of transparency, decency and sincerity.

I want, in other words, a payment processor run by experts . . . with a personal touch. I want the satisfaction of knowing that the basic things are, in fact, the essential things of the rise of alternative currencies: Speed, safety, dependability and the kind of technical support that is at the ready all the time.

The ‘Soul' of Technology: A Personalized Process

These issues matter to me, as they should matter to all readers, because they represent an opportunity to do well and a responsibility to act properly.

The same is true for every executive in every industry because there is always a chance to brand a product or service in a more direct and permanent way, just as there is an ethical duty to lead a business with intelligence and wisdom.

My emphasis on payment processing is, therefore, a small point about a much larger theme: That, to broaden the number of people who are active members of the global economy, it helps – indeed, it helps a great deal – to make the most necessary things (like the transfer or conversion of digital money from one party to another) the most seamlessly executed things.

By that standard, there is much to celebrate.

Best of all, this exercise does not require a massive infrastructure, nor does it demand an upfront commitment of great financial significance.

The process involves nothing more than the embrace of core principles, and the actualization of eternal ideals.

That is the path to success.

Michelle Tilman is a marketing assistant for Coinvoy, which is a leading payment processor for users of multiple types of digital currency, including: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. She specializes in identifying emerging market trends for merchants and consumers, who choose to execute transactions with one or any of three currencies mentioned above. Michelle is based in Hong Kong.

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