Face Fear and Make Your Business Dream a Reality

We start each New Year armed with resolutions, plans and objectives. But somehow, those well-intentioned plans fail to be fulfilled. Why?

Could fear be blocking your path to success? Fear can be an extremely debilitating emotion. It can quite literally stop you in your tracks. Fear is a product of our mind. It’s a thought, an idea, which makes it hard to escape.

Perhaps, you are waiting for the “right time” to start your new career (avoiding the emotion of disappointment), or you’ll avoid taking action in some other way when really what you are avoiding are the feelings we fear. These reactions to fear can slowly or quickly suffocate your actions and spirit.

Here’s the thing, no matter what we do or say, fear will always be there. It’s a part of life. So instead of putting your dreams on hold to avoid what you are afraid of, you can choose to live your life in the face of it.

Step One: Find your vision

What do you want to achieve? Take the time to clearly outline your goal, engage all of the senses. What does your goal look, taste, smell, sound and feel like? The clearer the vision, the closer you come to bringing that goal to fruition.

Take the time to picture yourself achieving your goal: Whether it’s reaching the top of Mount Everest or living a healthy life style. When you come across the fears that can make the goal seem impossible, get past it. Keep the vision clear, and know that your goal is achievable.

Once your goal is clear, capture it. Write it down, draw a picture of it, make a vision board: whatever you need to do to make that goal tangible.

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Post and share your vision to your supporters. These are the people that will quickly dismiss your fears, and encourage you to press on. Keep these people close, and avoid those that tend to bring up objections.

Step Two: Take action

Nothing changes without action. Instead of fear stopping you in your tracks, confront it with an empowering action.

Whether it’s making a sales call, going to a networking session, putting an offer on a home, or enrolling in a course, make the move towards achieving your goal.

And do it today.

Step Three: Repeat

While you can get results right away, usually all success in life comes from repeated actions alone.  Trees don’t spawn ONE acorn — they create thousands.  If you want to reap a harvest, then plant a field’s worth of crops.

Julian Bolster is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and founder of Bolster Life Group.

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