The Benefits of Marketing Automation: Why Small Businesses Should Invest in One

Companies that rely on buying, selling, and promoting goods to profit need to have a good understanding of what people need and want. In today’s society, many people have become so used to living a fast-paced lifestyle that, whenever they purchase products, items or a certain service they want it done through a hassle-free and speedy process. With that much demand, trying to satisfy each and every person might seem impossible. Thanks to modern technology however, marketing companies are able to give their clients just what they want, when they want it. In order to do this, though, it requires a lot of patience and hard work.

For marketing companies to keep up with the customers of today’s generation, not only do they have to keep track of customer segmentation, data integration, schedule, and the like; but also, preserve the mutual relationship between them and their audience. For startup businesses, doing these sorts of things is still manageable via manual input. Since they are receiving a small number of people, there won’t be any problem working with audiences through a 1:1 ratio.  However, once their company begins to expand and take in more clients, then manually inputting data will become more of a hassle than an asset. However, once a company is showing signs of growth and improvement, investing in marketing automation will surely aid them when it comes to the processes of inputting data and communication.

What is Marketing Automation?

To make things simpler, marketing automation is a type of software used by large companies to keep track of their customer’s interests and purchases. It is not spam – contrary to popular belief – but a user-friendly system that strengthens the connection between the two parties, and does so by addressing situations with quick and informative responses.

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How Do Small Businesses Benefit?

Although small businesses have not yet reached a high-traffic situation with their clients, investing in this software at an early stage will bring them one step ahead from their competitors. Some of the advantages marketing automation provides include:

Monetary Savings

Relying on manual input can get expensive in the long run. As stated earlier, pacing with the speed of today’s demands is a major factor, if companies want to stay afloat. With marketing automation, their employees can spend less time creating, distributing messages, or gathering information, and put their energy into better use.

Homogenized in Social Media Accounts

For companies to attract clients or audiences, they must know how to spread information through social, online, or mobile networks. Now, in order for these companies to keep in touch with their people, they must be online all the time on their social media accounts. In reality, it is impossible for one person to look after multiple accounts at the same time. With this type of system however, it will ensure the company that they are always active in these websites, because it enables them to schedule their tweets or posts.

Automatic and detailed reports

Since this system works with lightning speed, submitting detailed reports, graphs, and other statistical data which can aid them with their upcoming campaign will all be hassle-free.

Easy to use

Marketing automation is pretty straight forward. Because of its almost hands-free methods and speedy process, companies and other marketing businesses will be facing very little problems once this software has been installed.

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How Can I Start my Small Business with Marketing Automation?

Acquiring marketing automation can be simple. However, if you are considering of getting one to support your small business, you must first consider the current state of your company. On the other hand, if you believe your company is ready and prepared to handle this kind of software, follow these simple steps so that you will be able to reveal its full potential and help your business.

Begin with your company

Marketing automation is not all about sending messages out to people, but an in depth process that begins with your business. You must know the strengths of your company, its strategy, and its goal, and with that in mind, select and find the perfect audience, who will respond to you.

Getting the Software

It is in your best interest to select the best software your money can provide. However, the best system does not always mean “perfect”. Before purchasing marketing automation software, always question about the following:

  • Features
  • Interface
  • Price
  • Compatibility to your small business


In order for this system to work, you must have created a web form and landing pages on your website, leverage your social media accounts and the like, in order for your customer database to grow. After this, you may begin segmenting the people in your list. By compartmentalizing your audience, it will be easier to tailor your communications, to make them more personal or relevant.

Automation Process

Out of all the steps, this is the simplest and easiest one to do. All you have to do is to activate the automated follow up, so that every time someone completes your web-forms, signs up for your email newsletter, or acquires your service, an email will immediately be sent – thanking and welcoming them for completing the forms.

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Working the System

Even though this software does not need a lot of human interaction, your business will only succeed if you are consistent with your plans and strive for high standards of customer service. This system will enable you to perform numerous tasks in short amounts of time, so use it wisely.

So, if you believe that your small business is ready to handle more people, audiences, and marketing responsibilities, then let marketing automation aid you with that heavy load, so that you can continue running your company without having to worry about your audience.

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