4 Simple Tips to Consider When You Are Designing Your Company’s Logo

A business’ logo will tell a lot about that business. It is the kind of tool that every enterprise that wants to be successful must have. If you lack a business logo then you should stop and get one and then continue. The problem with working without a logo is that you are not going to do your branding properly. Branding goes well beyond marketing the products and services that you are offering to the market. It is about changing the perception of the market in favor of your products. The way you do your branding will build or break your business. When done properly branding can have a lifetime of benefits for the business.

Creating that logo

Now that you know how important branding is and that you need to have a business logo, it is about time you got down to the business of creating a logo. Remember that a logo is just a visual that is going to be used to promote your business. People memorize things based on the associations that they have created between two or more things. It is easy to remember the Apple brand of products when you see a real apple that has been bitten on the right side. However, how much energy and time is put into designing the logo? It really is not a simple task but here are some tips that you can employ:

  1. Be smart and unique

The best things in life are usually the simplest. Sometimes people simply over-think the situation. When you are building your brand, you should consider the simplest of things that make it stand out. It is from these features that you can use to create your custom business logo. Apple’s logo is not a computer and neither is Virgin Atlantic’s an airplane. Just be clever about it but still be original.

  1. Careful with the colors

The colors that you choose to work with are going to build or break your logo. Each color has a meaning and it has an effect on the person who sees it. It is important to take some time to learn the psychology of colors in logo design. On top of that, the colors will also affect how you are going to use the logo. For instance if you hire the best custom box design manufacturers to create shipping boxes that you will add the logo onto, the color is going to be affected.

  1. Understand your brand

Before you create a logo, you should try a much as possible to ensure that you understand the business and its ideologies first. You always run the risk of creating a logo that is not associated with the business in any way. For instance, if you thought that Apple’s logo is just an apple for the sake of the name then you are wrong. It is an apple that is missing a ‘byte’. This goes in line with Apple’s mission of providing excellent technology solutions and ‘bytes’ are involved somewhere.

  1. Consider the name

Before a company can use a symbol to represent it entirely they will have to do some serious advertising. This is why some brands simply opt to use their name as their logo. Brand likes Coca Cola, IBM and a majority of fashion brands use their names. Sometimes all that you need to do is style up the name with a cool font and you will have an awesome logo to work with.

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Priscilla Lichtenberg is a marketer by profession and branding consultant. She has helped many of her clients to select fantastic branding techniques like using custom box design manufacturers and logo designing.

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