A, B and C of Online Attendance Management System

The progress of a business depends on the efficiency, performance and productivity of its employees. Small scale, medium sized and large businesses need to monitor and manage their teams taking into consideration various performance metrics. Often it becomes tedious to manually track the performance of every employee. Moreover human errors and additional time and manpower spent in this task adds up to the overall costs.

Online attendance management system manages the workforce in a better way along with crafting useful metrics to gauge the employee performance, competence and output. Businesses benefit in terms of profitability and growth by tracking the attendance and working time of employees. Since the entire process is automated, the chances of errors are almost nil.

The three integral parts include – Automation, Biometrics and Cloud computing, also called the ABC of the online attendance software.


According to some studies, companies not having an online attendance management system end up overpaying their employees. Between automation and manual data entry, automation emerges a winner every single time. The most accurate data is displayed because the human error portion is eliminated.

The benefits of an automated online management system include:

  • Real-time business intelligence – Since the data from the clock directly reaches to the payroll system, it leads to actionable business intelligence. Moreover, if the management is equipped with employee work hours, it becomes easy for them to allot work. For the HR department, the record of the number of hours an employee works makes it easy to calculate the payroll at month end. In whole, businesses are empowered with data about the work hours and overtime, thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency.
  • Ease of viewing employee attendance information – As the data is stored in a centralized database, the payroll executives can easily view and approve the leaves. In case of disputes this information can be easily fetched from the database since it is accessible and searchable at all times.
  • Ease of viewing employee work report – It becomes very easy to decide an employee’s efficiency when the managers can see automated work reports. This makes it simpler to form an overall correlation between work time, attendance and efficiency.

Managers using the online attendance system can easily monitor and approve requests, leaves, vacation time, and retrieve information about projects on which they are working. Along with this, lot of additional legwork is eliminated that would otherwise be used in delivering or fetching information from the employees to the management executives. Automation ultimately increases an organization’s productivity.

Biometric Fingerprint Time Clocks

With the biometric time attendance, information such as the entry and exit time of the employee and whether they were present/absent on a particular day is tracked. The biometric time clock uses unique features such as fingerprints, voice recognition and iris patterns to recognize the employees. The employer gets an error free report of who was doing what, at which time and who all were in attendance.

The benefits of using biometric fingerprint time clocking include:

  • Authentic verification – Since the physical attribute of the employee is necessary to clock in, the biometric system cannot be forged or fooled.
  • Tracking offsite employees – In this case the biometric fingerprint feature shows the time duration of their work, what they were working on and the time spent on a given task.

The online attendance management software is effective, robust and totally worth the cost. The installation is easy (simply plug and start using) and the use is even easier (merely requires your fingerprint). Every image of the fingerprint is converted into binary images. Confidential information regarding the attendance of employees is saved and in case of discrepancies (inconsistency), the employee’s time and attendance records can be easily tracked.

Cloud Computing

The term cloud computing is no more a buzzword, it is one of the most essential element adopted by businesses. The data is stored on a third party server instead of on the hard drive.

Cloud computing is used to track recruitment, administration, employee work time, employee performance and every other information stored in the online attendance management software.

The benefits an organization can reap from cloud computing include:

  • Easy storage of the employee data – Employee data such as the in and out time, leaves, attendance and payroll details are stored in a single software. The centralized hub makes it easy to track multiple data sections.
  • Easy access of the data – The business owner can track and access employee data from anywhere and on every device.
  • Convenient tracking of performance – Since the employee real time data is available at all times, the performance can be tracked from on-the-go.
  • Eliminated hard ware cost – Cloud computing removes the need of added hardware to access the information. Information can be viewed from any device and from virtually anywhere in the world.

The cloud computing is easy to use, the designs are flexible and the functionalities can be added or subtracted based on the company’s needs. The software doesn’t require additional technical skills, hence any layman can monitor this data with utmost ease.

With the online attendance management system take your business to an all new height. Performance based promotions is one of the best attributes of this system. If implemented properly, attendance management system can propel an organization in distinguishing the lazy horses. Moreover, it is cost effective with no extra hardware needed for installation.

So follow these simple ABC’s of attendance management and see your organization achieving heights of success and be triumphant in their field.

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