WordPress Directory Themes for Website Business Listings In 2016

Directory business listing websites have become a major part of day-to-day activities and plans. From booking a table at a restaurant, to buying a car or house, these listings are necessary in order to save time and make planning more effective. In order to make the best listings, WordPress can be a great help. This article will look into directory themes offered by WordPress.

With WordPress, you have the themes required in order to ensure that you create listing that are eye catching, creative and feature in the best directory sites. Below is a list of some of the best directory themes WordPress has to offer.


This is a superb WordPress theme for directory listings. It can be used to create local, regional, as well as global directory sites. The products supported by this theme include; restaurants, properties, automobile, hotels and travel among others. The theme provides for dedicated designs to create the homepage, list, and grid view for the listings, user profiles, single listing page and map. You also have a mobile app view for the WordPress theme.

Directory engine

This is another powerful theme from WordPress that you can use to create listing and directory sites. You are able to customize the designs for your website by including model layouts that suit your directory-listing website. It has a secure and stable coding system for the theme that allows you to have a fully optimized listings site for higher SEO rankings. The theme also provides for multiple options that help you get extra cash from the listings you post on your site. You can find more about this WordPress theme on


With listify, you get full WooCommerce support. It is a premium product under the various WordPress themes available.  There are varieties of listings you can make on your site using this theme. They include cars, property, restaurants and vacation, among others. It is fully integrated with; therefore, the ratings for various listings you place on your site are displayed on the results for Google search. In addition, this WordPress theme provides you with additional moneymaking opportunities once used to create your directory website.


Used for local and global listings for your directory website, this is a modern theme from WordPress. The user interface is simple and appears very attractive to all the visitors in your listings site. Its simplicity enables your visitors to find all the options they require when using your listings website from the dashboard. There are varieties of styles that this theme provides.  Additionally, you can customize the site to meet your needs. With full WooCommerce integration, you have several moneymaking opportunities when you use this WordPress theme.


This theme, unlike previous WordPress themes, this one provides a different layout. The listings you can make using SpotGuide are unlimited. As such, you have a front-end submission for any listing you require. The payment options for this theme include Stripe, PayPal, and credit card payment. Furthermore, the theme allows visitors to your listings site to leave reviews on listings, mark as favorite, or claim a listing. It is designed on a Bootstrap framework and the theme is perfect for any screen resolution your clients use on their gadgets. These are some of the best themes for WordPress. More information on the themes can be found here.

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