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Future Technology of the Healthcare System

Telemedicine While most of us think of senior citizens as technically challenged, the fact is that more than 18% of those 65 and older are connected and sharing content online. Generation X is now in its 50’s and poised to join them. All these people networking through the Internet opens up access to healthcare services. Mobile apps, websites, and communication ...

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New Technologies Cause Positive Impact on the Stock Market

The election of New York billionaire Donald Trump to the highest political office in the United States caused stock markets around the world to tumble before paring down some of their losses. As investors continue to monitor American politics, they are also keeping an eye on how the following six technologies are bringing about a positive impact to the financial ...

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How Small Businesses Can Benefit By Using Cloud Accounting Software

Those who are well versed in the field of business have an obvious knowledge of how important it is to maintain a record of the various expenses and the cash flow of the business for greater efficacy and financial productivity on the whole. For a business organization to be highly successful, it is very essential to have a highly effective ...

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Why CIOs Prefer “Monkeys,” and Why It Could be Devastating for Cyber Security

Recently, I had a conversation with a top executive at a well-known Fortune 1000 company. This executive admitted to me that, given a choice between hiring truly talented IT security professionals and “monkeys” – meaning cheap, low-level offshore IT personnel – he’d choose the monkeys. His rationale was that his company would not only save money by offshoring cyber security ...

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How Could Rich Answers Impact SEO?

In case you are not too familiar with the SEO world, the concept of rich answers would be pretty puzzling to you. But trust me you are pretty much aware of the concept. Every time you are searching Google looking for answers to your questions, Google comes up with a direct response, instead of forcing you to scrutinize the entries ...

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4 Reasons to Convert PDFs into Word Format and What You Should Expect

Portable Document Format (PDF) might be the best thing that has happened in document transfer technology since computers allowed us to transfer digital documents from one device to another. PDF is an absolute saver when you want to make sure the contents and format of the document remain unchanged during the transfer. However, there are times when you want to ...

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How to Gain More Clients by Offering the Cheapest Web Hosting Service

The number one truth about giving cheap web hosting services is that you get to enjoy popularity through hosting no less than 50,000 sites. Essentially, this is the main reason why web-hosting companies keep reducing the amount of money that they charge to serve your domain. With millions of websites present in cyberspace, it is only natural that the company ...

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WordPress Directory Themes for Website Business Listings In 2016

Directory business listing websites have become a major part of day-to-day activities and plans. From booking a table at a restaurant, to buying a car or house, these listings are necessary in order to save time and make planning more effective. In order to make the best listings, WordPress can be a great help. This article will look into directory ...

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End User Testing Tips for Webmasters

A lot goes into testing a website, and before choosing that responsive website design tester, here are some things the webmaster must keep in mind. The responsiveness of the website should be complemented with a test at the user end of the equation. Recruitment The first step should definitely be choosing the test participants. User research requires selection of the ...

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Outsourcing Your Software Development Team: Pros and Cons

Outsourcing your software development team makes sense when your business strives for fast product development and aims to maintain the pace of an internet audience. However, before making the plunge into outsourcing, businesses have to consider the strengths and weaknesses of this kind of arrangement. Speed is valuable, but so is quality. What are the pros and cons of software ...

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