Startup Mobile App: The Handbook

In the new era of mobile applications, there are many entrepreneurs who wonder how their new startup app idea would work. For those entrepreneurs who have a great idea in theory but don’t know how to put it in paper, here is guide to build your startup mobile app.

  1. Validate: First, validate the idea that resonates with the customer. Until your consumers don’t buy from you, your idea is just a theory. There are many tools which can help you look for the number of people who have sought the same idea and help you to create user interest.
  2. Wireframe: The next step is to document your idea. You can use a wireframe tool to create a blueprint of how your app will look like, how it will be navigated and its features clearly detailed.
  3. Remove Non-Core: The next step is to look for any features that can be removed or added later as an update. It is important to provide the core app to the consumer in the first version. In order to acquire customers quickly and keep the costs low, include only the “must have” features.
  4. Design: Designing an app is not just about how attractive it looks, it is about how consumer friendly your app is. Thus, design should be a forefront of your mobile app development.
  5. Brief: Once the above steps are done; prepare a brief containing all the details about your app, the background, why the customers should be using it, etc. with your potential development partners in order to get an approximate timeline and pricing.
  6. Hire: The final step is to hire a development company with the best development team. It is important to do a background check by going online to see the apps they have created. A look at their portfolio can help you determine whether they right for you.

The above steps only build a foundation, the additional points below will help you keep the ball rolling-

  • Create a developer account with the respective app stores to create a platform to sell your app.
  • Integrate analytics that keeps a track of downloads, customer retention and user engagement with your app.
  • Lastly, get regular feedback on your app to improve it further and acquire more customers in the future.

To help you further, here are a few important dos and don’ts to create the perfect application-

  • Just because you got an idea for an app doesn’t mean you quit your job; you need to keep paying bills before your app becomes a huge success.
  • Create the perfect marketing plan to engage customers in using your app. The early users will determine whether your app makes the cut.
  • Asking your friends to validate your app will not fetch you the response you need. It is better to take advice from those who have paid to use your app.
  • Raise funds only after you have validated your app. Venture capitalists fund ideas which have a long term growth. Thus, when you contact them, make sure you have a product worth selling.

Now that you are familiar on the basics of how to create a startup mobile application, contact a developer team to make it a reality once you have the other steps completed and checked.

Anna Garland is community manager at Ignite Outsourcing.  She has experience in writing and has written many articles on software development, online marketing and many more.  You can follow her on Twitter.

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