A Leadership Tactic Even the Greats Forget About

These days, many business owners are interested in making their companies as successful as possible. In many cases, they implement strategies that are geared towards things like optimizing conversion, decreasing office tension, and extending the company's sphere of influence and authority. While these types of techniques are great, there is one particularly effective strategy that corporate leaders tend to overlook: personal leadership. Learn more about what this strategy is and how you can implement it to obtain optimal levels of personal and professional success:

What Is Personal Leadership?

As noted in Inc, personal leadership involves creating a sense of responsibility and ownership for one's level of efficacy and success. This includes things like determining the right vocational path, overcoming challenges, and leading positive change. Implementing this mode of personal leadership, which is basically about effectively leading the self, is a wonderful way to advance your company while also ensuring that the work you do is fulfilling.

Strategies That Can Help Optimize Personal Leadership

There are numerous strategies that you can implement to get the personal leadership process going and growing. Some of them include:

  1. Develop A Personal Vision.

One great way to optimize the personal leadership process is by developing a vision. This isn't the vision for your company. Rather, it's a personal vision that outlines what you're attempting to accomplish in life so you can make decisions that lead to personal fulfillment while ensuring that your gifts and talents are utilized in the most effective manner possible. There are hundreds of questions that you can ask yourself as you put your personal vision together. Some of them include:

Answering these questions should help you devise a clear understanding of what you want to do in life. Once you have this concept in mind, you'll want to put your personal vision into words. The vision statement should capture your future in just one or two succinct sentences. The statement will help you remain on track to realizing your vision throughout your daily life. Remember that your personal statement does not have to be profound or pithy. Nor do you have to hang it in a highly visible area of your office as you would the company's vision statement. Just make sure that you regularly repeat the statement inside yourself so that it is always primary in your consciousness.

  1. Finding A Mentor.

In addition to developing a personal statement, make sure that you take the time to find a mentor. This step helps optimize the personal leadership process in several ways. For example, a mentor can help you identify your personal strengths and weaknesses. In some cases, you may not be aware of what they are, which is why attaining the opinions and input of another individual whom you trust is immensely important and valuable.

One way to really understand the value of a mentor is by grasping the way that they can help you fill in the gaps. Do you need to build a personal support team? Implement company training? Take much-needed time off? Mentors empower leaders to stop going around in circles by enabling them to identify and implement the strategies and skills that will lead to their success.

  1. Health Optimization.

If you really want to improve upon yourself as a leader, make sure that you put your health first. Doing so will help elevate your mood, ward off disease, improve mental clarity, and heighten your self-confidence. There are several techniques you can implement to facilitate the health optimization process. Some of them include drinking a green juice instead of coffee, joining your local gym, and meditating throughout the day.

Business owners who want to optimize their efficacy as leaders should know that one of the best ways to make it happen is by focusing on personal leadership. You can utilize some or all of the strategies outlined above to begin optimizing this process immediately!

Lance Noland writes the business and leadership spaces, and is especially curious about eLearning and gamification. He grew up just outside of Juneau, Alaska where he developed a love for photography, nature and writing.

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