Reasons Why Your eCommerce Store Needs Social Media Marketing

Based on recent marketing statistics, 90% of eCommerce business owners announce that social media has improved their business performance.

The commercial transactions that marketers conduct online are not as easy as it seems. Searching for something and easily getting the relevant content may seem a quick process, however, it takes marketers much time, efforts and continual work.

Starting a business demands results-based tactics and strategies. For driving business awareness you have much to do, i.e. to make marketplace research, to choose relevant products, to find an experienced eCommerce marketing company, to build a website; however, this is just the start of the list.

Although the process is sometimes long, the integration of a well-thought-out strategy can boost your business success.

Even if you have just entered this sphere, you will have heard about the importance of digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

You can choose a digital marketing company that is focused on SEO or maybe PPC tactics, however, this does not mean that digital marketing is SEO or PPC, as some marketers think. Of course, no. It encompasses all types of marketing efforts that are possible through electronic devices and the internet. Hence, PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and many others are just an integral part of it.

Social Media Marketing For Your Business

With the massive growth of its users, social media has become more than just a channel of online interactions. It has become a great marketing idea for many entrepreneurs. Social media is a winning tool for many marketers as it helps to build direct relations between businesses and customers. However, for getting effective results you will need to follow some marketing trends that marketing experts of any eCommerce marketing agency will integrate into their strategies. Hence, what you need is:

  • Understand your social media audience
  • Research the strategies of your competitors
  • Engage and target your followers
  • Provide with great customer service
  • Combine both paid and organic strategies

These are tactics that can effectively influence on your business. Nevertheless, there are a great number of such approaches that are worth mentioning.  Do businesses really need social media?

Below you can see some of the many reasons why social media is so important for your business:

1.    Social Media Allows to Directly Connect with Your Audience

Social media success is not just in your likes or the number of your followers, it is all about making a connection with your audience. As a marketer you understand that in this competitive space you will never succeed if you do not pay attention to the value of engaging your audience. With increased social media adoption the process has become less challenging. To truly see success you need to use the most popular social networks as well as tools like Google Analytics to view demographics and get informed of your website visitors. It will help you to develop your buyer persona to reach your target market.

2.    Social Media Gives Relevant Information about Your Target Market

Before targeting your customers, you need to identify them. How? Each of the social media platforms have a tool through which you can get informed about key audiences. With audience insights, you can get valuable and relevant information, including demographics, interests, lifestyle, purchasing, etc. However, there is an alternative option to discover your target market, you can do it by making surveys in social media accounts. Besides that they give you the basic information, you can include some useful queries then later on use them to cover the needs of your audience. It will help to measure customer's satisfaction and gain brand loyalty.

3.    Social Media Increases Brand Awareness

One of the critical standpoints that help your business growth is brand awareness. Social media involves different ways through which the process becomes easy and effortless. While looking at the annual growth of social media users you can hardly find a better platform to meet so many people simultaneously. Finding ways of gaining their attention towards your brand is another problem area. It becomes possible in case of:

  • Sharing visual content
  • Developing creative approach
  • Being different in the distinct platform
  • Making polls
  • Giving quick response
  • Exceeding the competition with better tactics


4.    It Helps to Boost your SEO

As social media is continually progressing and adapting, finding an eCommerce marketing agency that is specialized in SMM becomes more than essential. Social media is among the most valuable allies of search engine optimization ranking. The huge role of SEO in businesses brings businesses to the point that any tactic which can boost your SEO ranking needs a thorough consideration. You can improve your social media SEO through successful activities held in social media channels, among them:

  • Sharing quality links
  • Increasing searches
  • Gaining brand recognition
  • Publishing relevant content
  • Targeting audience based on the relevant information
  • Utilizing different social media messaging apps to connect with them directly

5.    Advertising on Social Media Helps in Targeting

Advertising in Social Media channels allows you to always remind about your business and reach your target market without additional efforts. It helps you to increase business awareness. Besides, among so many marketing strategies you need to think of it as well since it brings you a quick ROI. What is it?

It is defined as “return on investment” which measures based on the gain or loss of your investments. For Social Media, it is all about the social media marketing activities that bring your business success.

6.    Social Media Marketing Helps in Sales

As it allows appearing at the right place at the right time, you manage to meet your customer's needs immediately. Engaging your customers to grow your business is great, but what additional value can it give to your business SEO?

Reviews! Besides that you can get your sales rolling, if you manage to provide excellent service and increase user experience, you can make your users promote your business themselves.

Google and other search engines give great value to reviews and ratings, considering that it is a huge sign of “business trust”. Engaging your SEO performance and user reviews will be a great approach to increase your sales, as buyers want to learn other’s experiences about the product and service they want to get.

7.    What about Brand Loyalty?

Building and maintaining brand loyalty is among the top issues for marketers and digital marketing agencies, as it can either make or break your business. Offering valuable content (i.e. videos, stories, live broadcasts, etc.) and making it popular among social media users through likes, shares, comments can expand your business reach and give a great advantage over other brands.

What can give your business more value is being available at the very moment your customers need your help, no matter whether directly or through comments.

8.    It Helps to Increase Conversion Rates

With the steady growth of its users, social media is increasing its impact on conversion rates. Using high conversion keywords you can make the process more effective. Achieving any conversion goal becomes more possible if you stay close to the needs of your customers. Here the winning advantage of social media comes out. Due to a direct connection, subscription reminds and your active performance you can bring your business to its final goal.

9.    Social Media Marketing Helps to Get Competitive Advantages

Being a broad playing field for competition, you can use social media channels for keeping up the competition in a creative way. Competition is great if it ishealthy. It does not mean that you need to prove to your customers that your competitors are worse than you. Instead, you need to show them that they are powerful and great, but your business surpass.

While SEO needs a competitive analysis to find out your competitor’s successful strategies, in social media you need to use other tactics to monitor the effectiveness of their activities. Besides public opinion, you can turn the notifications on, find the most shared content and use other tools to make research. Sharing your competitor’s interesting content can be a good strategy to show that your business is ready for competition.

10. It Helps to Drive Traffic to Your Website

No matter if you use a website or mobile app, you can promote it through social media channels. It is possible with interesting and quality content, quality links, etc. Be sure to make it shareable for getting more views. Visual content can also help, as it catches people’s attention faster. Be sure to add “call to action”, as they have a great role in helping people to make their next actions, which can be visiting your website.



At last, when we see the high percent of social media users, we can make sure that this marketing strategy will not lose its effectiveness. It is constantly evolving and becoming a solid trend. Regular interaction with people who are interested in your business and their involvement in different social-media activities can improve your brand bringing it to another competitive level, increase your website ranking, boost sales and bring your business an incredible growth.



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