Factors that Help Build Emotional Connection with Your Audience

Having an emotional connection with your audience can create waves that positively impact the success of your brand. Consumers are after more than just a brand’s products–today they are after genuine interaction to build emotional connections.

Many factors can dictate how emotionally connected your customers are to your brand, so double-check your campaigns and make sure they’re the appropriate length by using a word count tool.

From offering superior customer service to having specifically curated content, here are factors that can help you build an emotional connection with your audience.


The best way to establish an emotional connection with your audience is to cater your content specifically to your target market. By continuously publishing content that is customized to the interests of your target audience, users are more likely to stay loyal and engage with your business.

An example of catering content to your demographic is promoting products that are adjacent to yours. If, for example, you’re a travel company, partnering with a reliable luggage company and advertising their products can help your customers plan for their next vacation.

The power of stories

Tyrion Lannister from the hit show Game of Thrones once said, “What unites people? Armies Gold? Flags? Stories. There’s nothing more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it.” We can’t help but agree.

With the emergence of native advertising, more users are keen on reading content that incorporates stories. Because native advertising organically integrates products and services to readers without feeling like a hard sell, it’s easier to build a connection between brands and customers.

Quality content

It’s no secret that content is the lifeblood of every marketing campaign of a brand. However, the success of these campaigns is heavily dependent on the quality of the content released.

Carefully-researched and perfectly timed posts, campaigns, and articles are more likely to attract new customers and build connections than releasing content for the sake of having something to promote.

Readers are a picky lot and they are after content that can increase their knowledge or help improve their lifestyles. Talented writers who can meet the user’s needs always strive to craft content that is meaningful and accurate.

Your willingness to listen

Relationships between brands and customers are a two-way street. When you post ads or publish a blog post, it’s best to get feedback directly from your consumers. By getting firsthand information on how to give users a better experience, you can make the necessary changes.

By doing this, customers see that your company cares about their experience, promoting trust and brand loyalty.

Genuine interactions

Genuine interactions sound abstract, but all it means is that your brand should stay authentic by treating your customers as more than that. When you limit your customers as a means to profit, the relationship you’re building with them is purely transactional.

A way to increase genuine interaction with users to keep them in the loop with what’s happening to your company through transparency. By doing this, you are implying that your brand cares enough about its customers enough to educate them about the processes that are otherwise kept private.

Conversely, supporting advocacies in which your customers can participate in also gives a humane face to your brand. For example, your customers can choose to donate a specific amount of money at checkouts to donate for a charity you’ve partnered with.

Superior customer service

Superior customer service is winning over more and more consumers because the company goes the extra mile and exceeds customer expectations. From pro-active representatives to open messaging channels that can be found on the website itself, customers can get help the moment the need arises.

Offering your expertise in helping them find what they need promotes a more genuine interaction, heightening the emotional connection made between brand and customer.

Staying consistent

Like a friendship, consistency keeps your relationship alive. Don’t be afraid to follow up with your customers and keep them in the know of your latest events, products, and services.

Staying consistent can be done in different ways, whether it’s actively posting on your blog, social media pages, or sending your subscribers an e-newsletter that’s delivered straight to their email inbox.


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