Top Reasons to Use jQuery for Your Website Performance

As far as jQuery is concerned, it is a boon to all web development professionals, both beginners, and seasoned ones. It’s a JavaScript library to help in simplifying coding through JavaScript by offering straightforward and user-friendly reduced syntax. Application of jQuery offers web developers the potential to integrate power as well as flexibility into websites. The web development or design method makes things easier as well as standardizes the exchanges between the HTML components and JavaScript code.

According to an article published on, SEO today is an integral element of marketing your website in a gamut of industries all over the world. With the correct use of jQuery-hidden divs, you can take your site’s optimization process to the next level. Based on the findings of Business 2 Community, 89 percent of modern consumers start their purchasing process with Google or other search engines. Therefore, if your jQuery programming is all wrong, your website’s performance and efficiency will take a backseat.

When your website fails to generate traffic, it could be poor SEO. The right use of jQuery is the solution to the problem to boost your site’s rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Therefore, there are many reasons to use jQuery for your website performance. Here are some of the top reasons why:

Faster page loads

When it comes to Google or other search engines, they take page load time very seriously and as a vital factor contributing to SEO or site optimization. Consequently, web development experts should make certain that their code is lighter and as short as possible.  As far as jQuery files are concerned, they are usually stocked up independently from the web pages. It helps web developers to make any changes or alterations to the entire website with one central storage area as an alternative of searching via innumerable folder arrangements.

Web developers minimize JavaScript code to create smaller file sizes. When it comes to making the codes shorter, it is unlike concealing codes. Then, both the techniques change JavaScript to become hard to decipher or make the code short as much as possible. As far as the minification of codes is concerned, it helps in making codes shorter, thus compressing the files to reduce web page loading time and boosting your website’s SEO.

Extra spaces, line breaks, or comments, all these help in increasing a JavaScript file size and has an adverse effect on the page load speed. Shortening the code addresses this problem successfully. Machines are not responsive to the illustration method of coding, as a human brain would be. PCs or laptops can decipher and initiate shortened code, even though all the JavaScript fits in simply a single string.

Extremely extensible

The key jQuery library has been designed so that it remains tight and concentrated. It helps in doing away every non-critical feature. However, you will find a plugin framework that is accessible to make it simple for web development experts to expand jQuery. The developers or coders can make the best out of authorized jQuery plugins and numerous additional third-party plugins. It signifies that your website will simply download the essential elements that it requires.  It helps in making your website light and increases its performance, thus helping in optimization. In case, there is a requirement of some extra features web developers did not integrate, you are free to download the features on the web.

Outstanding SEO rewards

One of the major reasons why Flash is not used by the visitors and Google is because, if a web browser is not Flash-compatible, then the use of Flash-oriented graphics will not do any good. It will not load. On the contrary, jQuery components will still deliver even if JavaScript is put out of action. This implies that you can still show the website animations at the same time following the best SEO guidelines. This way, your website is SEO-friendly and scores high when it comes to performance and efficiency.

In addition, the quick loading web pages of jQuery will help to improve your site’s rankings in the SERPs more than ever. You will also find numerous plugins that you can leverage to make your jQuery website SEO-friendly. The point can be explained with the help of a suitable example. Say, for instance, tags related to on-page components, Meta titles, and Meta descriptions and suitable titles to make your website optimized for the search engines.

Makes your website simple and optimized

Most web-development experts regularly discover jQuery to be lean and simple. That is because the library has been developed employing smaller, simple code. With the easy and straightforward syntax, coding rules as well as open coding, web experts can with no trouble cut down the time required to set up a website or web application.

When it comes to jQuery, coders need not be specialists or high-tech programmers in the field. They can do an excellent job of making websites optimized for search engines even if they have fundamental knowledge to provide you with outstanding website styles. Web developers have experience in coding as well as testing CSS files will be pleased about how easy jQuery execution is to make websites SEO-friendly.

jQuery perfect for mobile versions

As far as jQuery is concerned, it is unquestionably a recently built computer program and boasts of enhanced flexibility for mobile versions in comparison to flash program. Most mobile operating systems are not well-matched with flash-made graphics or animations. Then, with jQuery use and implementation, every web browsers, as well as mobile operating systems, impeccably maintain the animations created without compromising on the website’s SEO.

The majority of mobile devices has restricted resources and might not be well-suited with technologies that adopt several resources. That is the reason why nearly all mobile devices would sustain animations developed in jQuery compared to those made in Flash.


Today, jQuery is the most accepted and recommended program by developers and ideal for Google and web browsers. It is an easy, quick, and effective tool to help in developing highly efficient websites and at the same time boosting the site’s SEO. If you have more questions related to jQuery and website optimization, you can get in touch with SEO for Dentists professionals.


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