3 Factors that Make Web Design SEO Friendly

If you would like to boost your website’s performance, you need to mull over many things at the same time. When you want your site to rank better in the search pages, it’s more than just optimization. You need to think beyond that. Your web pages must incorporate the best design because SEO, as well as web design, work flawlessly than you realize. The elements of both mix and flow perfectly and when used in the right way, your visitors will navigate smoothly throughout your website more than noticing what you have designed. That is where the success of web design for SEO comes into play.

According to an article published on, if you notice carefully, the best SEO firms have an impeccable web design. Whether it is the HTML source code or another component, everything is in place. Users like to navigate and stay longer on a site that looks appealing as well as functional. This way, you can win the trust of both your visitors as well that of search engines such as Google or Bing. You can grab the top spot in the SERPs if your website is not user-friendly. Then, what are the components where web design and SEO work seamlessly? Here are the three things to make your web design work for SEO:

  1. Easy to understand web design

If want to walk the extra mile to boost your website SEO, you know that it is content that calls for much of your time, attention, and effort.

Many marketers may not appreciate what a great effect website design has on your site’s content, or at any rate the design presentation as well as page layout. As far as amateurish or bad web design is concerned, it makes it unworkable for your visitors to read information or find things for which they landed on your home page.

You will find web pages with chunks of content in odd places or sections, with numerous hyperlinks that fail to serve a specific or useful purpose. All this perplexes your audiences and drives them away from your site that you managed to attract to your business website. When these visitors cannot access the information they are looking for, your SEO efforts become futile.

At some point in time, you have almost certainly been on a site that had copy or content that was difficult to read because of poor web design. How would you feel? Bad, right? The same thing applies to your site visitors.

It could be elements such as a light-colored text against a white background or a dark font on deep background. This sort of poor design baffles your visitors, thus driving them away.

Then, the issue is not always color. The text may also be too big or small or written in a hard-to-read font. It is not always a font color. Sometimes text size makes it difficult for your visitors to read the page content easily.

That is the reason you need to figure out how to design websites that make it simple for visitors to read the content, look for your product info, and click on the buy button. This generates revenue for you. You can learn about font color, size, and page layout from Search Engine Optimization services near you.

Negative space, length of a line, or any additional components like photos could affect how users focus on your website. In addition, bear in mind to think about users with disabilities by choosing an all-encompassing web design format.

  1. Mobile-friendly design

Your website should also be mobile-friendly to rank higher in the SERPs. If you have already done this, there is nothing like it. Else, you need to act now. Google has already made mobile-friendliness an essential ranking parameter back in 2015. Today, people look for information or shop using their smartphones and tablets. It means more than 50 percent of online traffic is coming from mobiles and most of your visitors use their smartphones to access your website information.

If you still do not a have mobile-friendly website, you will end losing half of your potential customers, and consequently sales. If the bounce rate of your website is extremely high due to issues like slow page load time on a smartphone or iPad, Google will not like it and your website rankings will drop in the SERPs.

  1. Speed of your website

Did you know that website speed is one of the most significant factors of SEO? In fact, it’s one aspect that many websites lack and fail to perform in the SERPs. If you are not ranking high in the SERPs, it is because your website load speed is slow, leading to high bounce rates. Web page speed is an essential ranking factor and you need to work on it to speed up your site. You can do so by optimizing your site photos, getting rid of unwanted plugins, as well as allowing browser caching.

You cannot compromise on your web page load. In doing so, your visitors will click away and visit some other high-speed site. Ideally, your site must load in two seconds and if it takes more than three seconds, the bounce rate will go up. On mobile devices, website speed is more essential because people will wait for less time compared to desktop design.

As far as page speed is concerned, it matters to visitors as well as Google or any other search engine for that matter. The page speed of your site affects a search engine’s ability to crawl your web pages. When Google crawls less of your pages, all the pages won’t be indexed. It will affect your site’s ranking in the SERPs. These things matter much when it comes to your website SEO and performance. Moreover, when your site rank drops, it affects traffic, conversions, and sales. Furthermore, most of your pages will not rank in the SERPs if they load very slowly, thus annoying your visitors.

Final words

SEO is best implemented when you integrate flawless design. It is not a difficult thing to do. Keep these tips in mind when designing your web pages because it affects your site’s ranking and performance.


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