Transform the Teamwork & Communication with Visual Collaboration

Businesses thrive when teams work to achieve a mutual goal. Such efforts require thorough collaboration that leaves little to no space for miscommunications that may cause them valuable time, money, and efforts. It is where visual collaboration steps in.

Visual collaboration has already started to take over the world. Companies of all sizes, whether big corporations or smaller startups have begun to take advantage of the benefits associated with visual collaboration. From cost-cutting techniques to assure that all your business aspects are aligned and you empowering entrepreneurs as your clients, visual collaboration has started to become a go-to prospect for many companies.

According to the 2019 Impact of Video Conferencing Report, 78% of the professional workforce relies on video conferencing for team meetings and stand-ups. This goes on to show that a part of visual collaboration is that highly successful in the professional domain of working in teams, then there can be others worth trying out too.

So let’s find out what makes up visual collaboration.

What is Visual Collaboration?

Many people confuse visual collaboration as a singular idea. However, it is a concept of many components working together to ensure collaborative efforts to reach a common goal for the profitability of the business. The following are some of the main parts of visual collaboration.

·        Video Conferencing

As it is mentioned earlier that video conferencing is one of the most successful visual collaboration tools being used right now in businesses. It makes communications easier as it allows the users to be able to see each other, in turn, making the conversations flow smoothly. Many corporations outsource specific tasks and hire people who work remotely. Video conferencing allows them to delegate tasks with remote workers and connect in real-time.

·        Screen sharing

As the term suggests itself, it allows the user to share their screen and show in real-time what they are working on.

·        Content Sharing

Using text-based visual aid is one of the more successful ways of overcoming team management barriers. Many social media platforms have helped transform businesses. Platforms like Google Docs have provided easy access to utilize collaborative efforts like editing text and documents instead of engaging in multiple discussions and text copies.

·        Digital Whiteboards

A more modern of all other visual collaborative aids mentioned, digital whiteboards not only serve their purpose in a classroom but can be efficient and engaging as a professional tool as well.

Benefits of Visual Collaboration

The following are some of the best benefits your company can reap through visual collaboration.

1.     Remote Meetings

Conducting remote meetings had never been easier. Not only does it save cost and time, but it provides a real-time connection with your remote workers. No need to travel or provide extra work hours delegating meetings after work. All your company administrator has to do is to find a fast and secure internet connection and use any one of the more amazing video conferencing platforms to connect with your remote employees.

2.     Daily Tasks

There is no denying the fact that visual collaboration has aided daily tasks to be rendered way more efficiently in both quality and timely delegation. One of the best tips to overcome team management barriers is that one can now easily add documents and articles to cloud software like Google Drive or Dropbox, use Google Docs for editing and discussions. Share screens to train and apply new concepts or ways to perform daily tasks, etc.

3.     Engaging Remote Workers

Visual collaboration leaves no table unturned. Now your company can easily hire remote staff and engage them with in-house teams through visual collaborative efforts and platforms. Not only those remote workers feel like a part of your organization, but it will motivate them to work better as their work will be aligned with the organizational goals.

4.     Information Distribution

Sharing and distributing information becomes easier through visual collaboration. No more need to send out pictures in urgent matters. Instead, take up your client through a video conference call and show the product in real-time. Let them assess their performance and decide for themselves.

5.     Mobility

Visual collaboration does not bind you to a single place. Whether you are traveling, at home, or out of the country, visual collaboration can happen anytime and anywhere. It adds to one of the main reasons why people prefer visual collaboration over other methods of communication.


Using visual collaboration will soon become more of a necessity than a luxury tool. As more and more employees feel easier:

  • To work remotely or from home
  • Stay back at their workplaces than travel long distance
  • Avoid commuting for more hours

Visual collaboration is rapidly advancing and undertaking many more prominent corporations, as well as smaller startups and regular businesses.


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