5 Reasons to Use Artificial Intelligence in Website Development

Earlier Googling was the single most common activity of the web user for searching anything on the web. Nowadays, there are several different platforms allowing a similar kind of search experience. If you are on Facebook, you can just search for anything there including the products and services from leading and small business brands. An increasing number of online shoppers now prefer searching on Amazon first instead of doing that on Google. Since big e-commerce brands are increasingly allowing personalization based on user behavior and interactions, online shoppers now prefer using these platforms for product search instead of google.

The personalized search and product recommendations on e-commerce stores such as Amazon is an example of the implementation of AI for the web. Thanks to AI, understanding customers and users by the websites and e-commerce stores have become easier than ever before. As most predictions show, AI will continue to make the web experience better in a multitude of ways.

Improving User Interactions

Thanks to AI, web interactions only got better. The intelligent Chatbots are the latest examples of how AI-powered communication can help to solve user problems on the web. The chatbots that evolved from following the simple rules for answering static questions to more enhanced capabilities of suggesting products and replying to queries based on context now became part and parcel of enhanced web experience. Whether it is a business website or an e-commerce store, AI-powered chatbots continue to make user interactions better.

The intelligent AI-powered chatbots are increasingly playing the role of proactive shopping advisors or consultants to help buyers in making purchasing decisions and thus enhancing the scope of business conversion. Moreover, since chatbot communication also deals with real-time user data and communication, this further helps the web analytics solutions to come with relevant customer insights that can be utilized for improving the output of recommendation algorithms and chatbot communication.

Personalized and Context-Aware Customer Experience

By utilizing the AI capabilities a website can easily evolve in addressing the user needs and preferences over time. Today's AI-powered and machine learning algorithms constantly analyze user feedback, interactions, and activities to detect the pain points, preferences, and user attitudes towards different products and services. This helps a web store or a website to deliver more context-aware user experience relevant for the users. Some of the key ways AI-powered personalization can be utilized by websites include the following.

  • Making customer-specific product recommendations on the fly.
  • Making promotional offers and deals based on the context or user interest.
  • Delivering custom product ads, discounts, and rates for boosting sales.
  • Retargeting customers who abandoned a cart or left a landing page without completing signup with custom messages.

Intelligent Self-Adjusting Algorithms

AI or artificial intelligence brought the power of automation to the web in a never-before manner. Thanks to AI, a whole array of tasks can be carried out with least or no manual efforts. The self-learning algorithms powered by AI and machine learning technologies can perform several tasks on their own.

From updating a page or function to updating the database with new records to utilizing pieces of code for solving functional issues, these AI-powered self-learning algorithms can deliver a lot of advantages for the web developers. Thanks to this capability of completing tasks with the least manual intervention, the development process can also be faster than ever before.

Intelligent Voice Assistants

The use of voice assistants is increasingly becoming common for web users across the globe. As most statistics indicate, an increasing number of Google users prefer searching the web by using voice command. Naturally, any website allowing voice command for searching contents and products enjoys enhanced user engagement. Thanks to state of the art technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) allowing voice commands and voice interactions became easier than ever before.

AI For Data Mining and Analytics

Every website relies heavily on data analytics and data mining to understand user behavior and interactions for understanding market trends and making customer-focused business decisions. AI helps websites in mining the website data deeper and detecting all the anomalies and irregularities signaling security and performance issues.

AI-based data mining and analytics also helps in evaluating the scope of target keywords and detecting the loose areas in the SEO strategy of a website. This is why webmasters and SEO specialists increasingly depend on AI capabilities to unveil the triggers and signals underlying the website data.

AI also plays a great proactive role in understanding the requirements of the clients and end-user pain points corresponding to the web experience of the website. Without any active human role and intervention, AI can help to gather and processing user data that can provide relevant insights about making the web UI and UX design better.  Thanks to AI web development companies for generating relevant user feedback, we need to rely less on market research tools.

Intuitive and Effortless End-User and Customer Experience

Thanks to AI-powered chatbots that can constantly communicate with the customers and interact with them contextually, there has been a significant improvement in the customer service of the websites and e-commerce stores. The best thing is the AI-powered chatbots are no longer the same rule-based one’s websites used to use for automating communication with static answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). Now the chatbots are more intelligent to understand user mood, specific choices, and pain points to trigger a simulated real-life conversation that can instantly engage users.

From making the audience familiar with a website and its features and functions with a guided tour facilitated by the intelligent chatbot to providing the right product recommendations based on earlier purchases and customer behavior, AI helped in making the web experience more intuitive, effortless and personalized.

Making Ads and Promotions More Engaging for Audience

Most people detest ads and promotions while consuming either traditional media content or website content. But people also respond to certain ads and business promotions that are meant for their purpose. Such ads also lose the chance of positive interaction when they are wrongly timed. This where AI power can play a great role by creating ads and displaying them in the right context when the users are more likely to respond positively.

AI and machine learning technology can help shape an advertising and marketing strategy that focuses on user preferences, distaste, pain points, timing, and design elements. The AI-based advertising strategy can deliver ads for the right audience in the right context and make promotions that are more likely to draw a positive response from intended customers.



All the above-mentioned benefits of incorporating AI into web development have already been taken into consideration by leading websites and e-commerce stores across the niches. We can expect that in the years to come more websites and online stores will utilize the power of AI for shaping an exceptional web user experience.


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