6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Through Social Media

People often make the mistake of thinking that their social media pages should be autonomous from their website or blog. So, they try to maintain different personas on both platforms. This is wrong. Not only can the two be linked, but social media can also even further be used to draw traffic to your website. Specific crucial steps can be taken to move your friends and followers on social media to your site. Here are some.

1. Make your content easy to share

If you go through the (sometimes arduous) process of coming up with brilliant content on your website or blog, people should get to see and access it. However, the reach of your content will be determined by the number of people willing to share it with others. The more shares you have, the better reach you’ll get. Thus, it will be counter-intuitive not to insert a social sharing tool.

Make it easy for your visitors to share your content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. For instance, for Twitter, inserting a ‘click to tweet’ button can prod a visitor to share your content with their Twitter audience. This way, the link will direct any interested party back to your website, increasing your traffic. Also, encourage your visitors to share your content. Tell your visitors to share the post with their friends and followers at the end of every post.

2. Create more visual content

It is indisputable that visual content – pictures, videos, memes, etc.– generate more reactions than texts; thus, you spend more time creating those. While sharing content from your website, focus on using mostly visual content so that a potential visitor can get interested. On social media, too, visual content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared. A follower will be more incentivized to share your content on social media if there is visual content.

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Furthermore, when making your post on your website, make use of various visual content. A visitor from social media – where visual content is king – will be bored if they cannot find the same on your website.

3. Engage with your followers directly

Direct engagement with followers is one aspect of social media that is under-utilized in recent times. With the emergence of several automated processes, businesses have come to rely on those rather than actually working to engage with their audience directly. This usually backfires and hampers brand engagement.

To drive traffic from social media to your website, you have to engage with your audience directly. Your followers will appreciate the personal attention. It makes them feel seen and acknowledged. To make this possible, you may have to hire a social media manager whose job will be to interact with your audience, giving real-time responses and answers to questions. Admittedly, this may cost a little extra, but the results are totally worth it.

4. Make posts when your audience is active

If you do not recognize and make posts when your audience is most active, you will be shooting blanks. You will be making consistent posts and still get abysmal interaction from your followers.  After deciding on what to post to get the interest of your followers on social media, the next step should be deciding when to post them. The best time is known as a ‘peak period.’

To determine your followers’ peak period, you need to carry out some research. Post your website links at different times during the day and pay attention to the times you had the most interactions. This will probably be your followers’ peak period. Afterward, you can build your promotion tactics around this time frame. Alternatively, instead of manually carrying out this research, there are tools that can help determine your peak period. Simply find and utilize them.

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5. Tease with exclusive content

This is known as engaging the ‘cool kids effect.’ People are more likely to value something if they believe it is exclusive to them. Even in the instance where they are excluded, people would go extra lengths to get accepted into any ‘cool kids’ clique. Also, it is not uncommon to feel some satisfaction from having people excluded from something. You can apply that strategy to drive traffic from social media to your website. You can make compilations of useful advice, like free codes or secret tips for the services your readers use as well, as for example csgo betting codes.

You can share snippets of content on social media, attaching a link, and asking your followers to head to your website for the rest. For instance, you can interview a celebrity and share the link to that on social media. When they watch some part of it, your followers will be more impressed to head to your website for the entire content.

Also, if you sell products on your website, you can announce the products you sell on social media. You can also attach a link and have your followers click on the link to view or purchase the product. This process will make sure there is a constant stream of followers moving from social media to your website.

6. Connect with influencers

Social media influencers are the celebs of the online media space, so it serves you well to have a great relationship with them. You must understand that on social media, every relationship counts, even more importantly, with influencers.

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Influencers have a massive following on social media and can originate and sustain trends. They have the ability to start meaningful conversations as well as influence how their followers behave. They exist on every social media platform; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you can work with any of them to promote your website, you can be guaranteed increased traffic.

In choosing an influencer, it is crucial to stick with those within your industry. This proximity will mean that their followers will most likely be interested in your content. Also, choose influencers whose values align with yours. It is not enough to have a massive one-off boost. For the visitors to continue returning to your site, they need to connect with you specifically, and that can only happen when you share similar values.


There is no magic trick to get traffic from social media to your website. There are just simple steps that, when applied consistently, will yield the desired results. All of the suggestions above are organic means of improving your website’s reach on social media. However, you can decide to try paid advertising in addition to the tips above. When all fails, paid advertising can boost your conversion rate from social media to your website.


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