Entrepreneurs: 6 Reasons You Should Launch Your Next Idea with WordPress

Started more than a half-decade before, WordPress stands as one of the leading and most popular content management systems (CMS) powering one-third of websites and blogs. Used by more than 74 million websites across niches who publish posts almost every second, it is one of the most dominant CMS platforms with unparalleled power and versatility. No wonder, WordPress is equally preferred by leading business websites and millions of personal bloggers.

If you have already used WordPress for your business websites, you might be knowing the wide range of benefits it offers for online content publishers and business websites. If you are still not convinced, here are some of the key reasons to embrace WordPress for building your next web venture.

1.   Start Free and Then Sky's The Limit

Irrespective of the nature and size of your web project, WordPress just suits all. Whether you just have a blog or you are just building a business website or just want to do online content marketing, WordPress is the best suited CMS solution for every type of website and web venture. On top of all these WordPress is completely free and you can just build a WordPress website without paying anything for the CMS.

WordPress offers an open-source ecosystem that allows you to access a multitude of plugins and themes for your website features and the look and feel. Thanks to the multitude of plugins you can build a WordPress website enriched with the most advanced features. The thousands of themes offer every different layout befitting to any website niche and category. Moreover, just because it is open-source, you can always tweak the source code as per your custom needs.

2.   Don't Need Technical Skills

WordPress suits pretty much everybody, starting from the people with no coding background to the expert developers. If you are a small business without any technical expertise and know-how, you can just use WordPress to build a professional business website perfect in look, feel, and feature set. In contrast, if you are a technology company with a large team of expert developers you can still find WordPress suitable for your new website.

How can a person with no knowledge of coding build a WordPress website? Well, it's quite a useful question to explain several things at one go. First of all, WordPress boasts of a large marketplace of themes suited for every different design requirement. You have an equally expansive variety of paid and free themes. There are several drag and drop themes that just allow you to build your website in less than an hour. Then, you have a multitude of plugins and extensions to suit every different feature requirements. From taking care of on-page SEO to web forms to website security, you find everything under the hood with an inexhaustible range of options.

If you find any difficulties while building the website with your preferred themes and plugins, you can always drop some and go for alternative choices and lastly, you can always ask for online help on large community forums and get instant help. WordPress boasts of one of the biggest active developer communities in the world.

3.   There is No Limit of Customisation With WordPress

The biggest value proposition of WordPress according to many developers and users is that it offers customization which remains unmatched when compared with other major CMS choices. You can really build a website with WordPress at your own terms. From deciding the look and feel of your website to choosing the features and functionalities you require, WordPress just accommodates every kind of preference and choice.

The most important thing is, you can tweak the user interface or the features whenever you choose. You can change themes, customize your old theme by tweaking the source code, add new plugins, drop a few, and bring a new widget. You can modify pretty much everything that comes in your way. For customizing the WordPress website, you have no limit.

4.   Keeps Delivering More With Every Update

WordPress is one of the most well maintained CMS solutions out there. In the one and half decade that it has grown to be the leading CMS solution, it went through several dozen updates with each subsequent update offering a lot of value additions. Every WordPress update comes with the latest security patches, new features, and value additions for improved user experience.

Since WordPress updates never fail to address security issues and functional issues that keep cropping up, WordPress developers find it easy to maintain the websites and optimize the user experience. With WordPress powering your website, your web presence is pretty much looked after all the time by the WordPress team.

5.   Most Powerful Online Support

The WordPress ecosystem boasts of a huge and active developer community spread all over the world. Since WordPress at present is behind 30% of active websites all over the globe, there is a multitude of forums, community blogs, groups, and magazines with active content, help, and support from the WordPress developers. This powerful and robust online support comes handy and useful for all kinds of challenging web projects.

Just because a lot of people continue to invest in WordPress and try to improve WordPress, every WordPress user gets benefited in one way or the other. Thanks to such robust community support, there is a multitude of development services that actually exist as a business by building WordPress plugins and themes. As for learning also, WordPress offers unlimited resources.

6.   WordPress is Safe and Secure

One of the greatest advantages of using WordPress is that it is highly safe and secure and it's safety elements are constantly taken care of by the WordPress core team and the developer communities. From updating secure WordPress development practices to finding security remedies to creating security patches to triggering major security concerns with vulnerable plugins, the developers and the WordPress core team continue to play a vigilant and active role in improving data security.

Every subsequent WordPress update comes with security patches and security enhancements that improve user experience and help developers shaping the WordPress user experience. Other ways expert WordPress developers recommend to improve safety and security is using plugins for automatic backups, using a security plugin, updating WordPress plugins and themes regularly and using only plugins with great credibility.



Yes, WordPress is the most customizable, flexible, scalable, and powerful CMS solution to this date. It is no longer just a blogging platform but a CMS solution that is used for pretty much every different kind of website.


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