Top 5 Mistakes When You Are a Novice Marketer

With the world increasingly becoming digital, most businesses have adopted online marketing strategies to widen their reach, increase brand awareness, and increase revenue. However, digital marketing is not easy, especially for small businesses that have restricted margins of error.

Those who are new to digital advertising often wonder, “What are some marketing mistakes one can possibly make?” or “How to win the so-called pharaos riches?” If you are in the same fold, knowing some of these common marketing mistakes and tips on how to avoid marketing mistakes is prudent. To avoid this, check out the following digital promotion mistakes to avoid.

1.  Ignoring or Paying Too Much Attention to SEO

Digital marketing heavily relies on search engine optimization for success. Unfortunately, despite such importance, most marketing mistakes stem from this essential element. Among the many ways to succeed in digital marketing is using search engines, primarily Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to generate leads.

Proper SEO involves accurate keyword research and use. You should also ensure that your content is original, is of good quality, and insert several backlinks. Therefore, this makes it necessary for digital marketers to learn the basics of SEO and probably consult expert agencies to avoid making such common marketing mistakes for small businesses.

Keeping updated with the constantly changing SEO algorithms also makes it easy for digital marketers to roll out effective strategies and avoid these famous marketing mistakes.

On the other hand, while ranking on the first page of search engines is essential, you should consider other strategies besides using the right keywords. For instance, Google rewards websites that feature good content with better rankings. Therefore, instead of solely focusing on keyword stuffing, you should also focus on creating quality content.

2.  Targeting the Wrong Audience

Digital advertising is incomplete without identifying customers. Unfortunately, targeting the wrong audience or failing to understand the target audience is among the global marketing mistakes that even expert digital marketers make. Even if you spend quality time creating quality content with a good SEO strategy, directing it to the wrong audience won’t make a difference.

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Most brands making this mistake think that advertising to a wider audience leads to more engagements, better visibility, and sales, which isn’t always true. Instead, you should take advantage of digital advertising to identify the target audience of your business.

Once you have identified your target audience, your content marketing strategies, ranging from keywords to phrases, focus on the specific group. The best way to avoid this marketing mistake is to study your business idea and your offerings to the market.

Even if a special person has been hired to solve any tasks, you must understand that even in this case, everything must be under control. Many hired employees now work from home, so you must ensure that they are conscientiously performing their tasks. To do this, you must always keep your finger on the pulse of your team and use various tools or timer app.

3. Offering Too Many Discounts

Providing your customers with several discounts and promos is both a marketing mistake and a success strategy. While there are several reasons why you should offer your clients discounts and special rates, they can hurt your advertising strategy. This recent marketing mistake commonly affects new businesses offering great discounts while forgetting that their sales are stagnating.

Giving discounts frequently can easily weaken your brand, reduce the effectiveness of discounts, and set precedence, as your customers will either demand or expect the same discounts without waiting for the next promotion. That said, to avoid this mistake, use alternatives, such as multi-buy options, discounts on early payments, and volume quotas.

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4.  Ignoring Social Media

Despite the various benefits and drawbacks, social media took the digital advertising space by storm. Currently, several companies have adopted new social media advertising strategies or use already tried strategies to avoid making common marketing mistakes. While most people believe that social media is purely for social connections, the use of these platforms for marketing is effective.

Established brands, such as Amazon, Sony, and Coca-Cola, have proven the effectiveness of social media in achieving brand popularity, engagement, and reach over time. Fortunately, small businesses can replicate such success by avoiding basic social media advertising mistakes. Some of the common social media marketing mistakes examples include:

  • Adopting an advertising strategy without a plan
  • Buying followers
  • Using the wrong tone
  • Using irrelevant hashtags
  • Deleting negative user comments
  • Assuming everyone is your audience
  • Not engaging with your followers

5. Starting without Set Goals

Marketing without prior goals is another common marketing mistake that novice sellers make. Ideally, you should outline a clear promotion strategy highlighting your target audience, budget, timeframe, and clear marketing approach. Digital marketers who spend time creating such strategies are destined for success.

Some of your advertising goals can include increasing brand awareness, getting into a new audience, increasing reach, or boosting customer loyalty. You can group your advertising goals as either short-term or long-term, based on your assessments of business performance. Having well-laid-out goals also makes it easy to gauge performance using various analytics.


The importance of advertising to any business cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, most digital marketers dive into it without proper knowledge and make mistakes that can sink the entire business. That said, even as you begin learning the basics of digital marketing, it is important that you learn the various mistakes to avoid.

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Taking inspiration from already established companies also helps novice marketers avoid these mistakes and traps. For expert marketers, which of the mistakes mentioned above heavily affected your business? Also, which mistakes should be on this list? Please let us know in the comments.


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Ellen Royce is an experienced marketer, copywriter, and entrepreneur. Having started several small businesses online, she knows the importance of effective content marketing in building companies.

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