Top Motivational Tips to Keep Staff Members Working at Their Best

It is no secret that motivation is often lacking within a traditional work environment. Not only can this situation lead to lower levels of productivity, but the business itself will ultimately suffer as a result. Let us, therefore, take a look at some targeted ways in which you can create a sense of energy and dynamism in no time at all.

1. Focus Upon Long-Term Career Development

One of the issues which can instantly lead to a lack of performance involves the simple fact that employees often do not view their roles from a long-term perspective. Management should therefore clearly illustrate what they can achieve in their career over time if employees put forth the effort.

2. Explain Staff Duties in Context with the Goals of the Office

Some duties (such as contacting new leads and data entry) can appear trivial and irrelevant in terms of the “bigger picture”. As the majority of employees are likely to perform these tasks regularly, they need to appreciate how such efforts will positively impact the company as a whole. After all, every spoke of a wheel serves a purpose. Those who appreciate the effects of their efforts are more likely to perform diligently.

3. Encourage Bonding Between Employees

The strongest of chains is always defined by its weakest link. This very same maxim is just as true within the workplace. Management should therefore encourage employees to develop friendships; both inside and outside of the actual office. Some of how this can be accomplished include:

– Sending two or more workers away to attend a seminar.
Hosting end-of-week parties and dinners.
– Joining inter-office competitions and similar events that will lead to greater feelings of cohesion.

Employees who feel that they are part of a team will always perform at higher levels. Furthermore, they may also feel as if they have a personal stake in the outcome concerning their co-workers.

4. Listen to Any Concerns

Studies have clearly illustrated that employees who are actively engaged by management are more satisfied with their roles and careers. Not only can speaking with workers regularly help management understand any concerns that they may have, but it will also encourage an employee to proactively communicate with his or her superiors if a problem arises. It should likewise be mentioned that higher levels of employee engagement will directly correlate with lower turnover rates.

5. All About Incentivization

Every worker enjoys being rewarded for a job well done. Unfortunately, management can sometimes overlook these achievements in favour of more lofty targets. This will cause employees to feel as if their efforts are not recognised by senior staff members. Incentives are therefore extremely important. This type of recognition will increase personal levels of motivation and perhaps, more importantly, encourage a type of healthy competition between the employees themselves. A company that shows its appreciation will always be associated with a healthier working environment.

6. Promote Mobile-Based Training

Many organisations offer ongoing training programmes about professional development. The only issue is that traditional courses can be inconvenient; particularly if employees are required to stay after hours. This is why a growing number of firms are offering mobile-friendly training seminars which can be accessed while away from the office. Such methods illustrate that management cares about the personal lives of their employees. Also, the seminars themselves are more likely to be completed without employees needing to be reminded or otherwise cajoled.

These are six extremely powerful methods that can help to imbue any professional environment with a higher degree of motivation. The good news is that each suggestion outlined above can be used in synergy with the others. Management can therefore create a well-rounded approach that is certain to have beneficial results from a long-term perspective.


Author bio:

Ray Brosnan is the co-owner of Brosnan Property Solutions, a building maintenance company that strongly believes in keeping positive company morale through motivation.

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