A Step-By-Step Playbook On Marketing Your Mobile App Post Launch

Launching your app is an exciting time. You’re constantly checking the number of subscribers, reading reviews and watching to see how your application is received by new users.

If you’ve done enough marketing in the pre-launch phase, then you should have created plenty of buzz to get you off to the right start. But it doesn’t end there.

Marketing your mobile app post-launch is equally as important as it can make or break the continued success of your work. It establishes whether or not your app was a one-hit-wonder or a longer-term tool.

Integrate Frameworks To Better Track And Target Users

Before we dive too deep into strategies, you want to make sure your app’s framework is set up so that you can track and target users. If you don’t have any metrics to work with, you won’t know where to put your marketing efforts.

Make sure your app can track that data so you can use it to better market to your users.

Re-Target Users To Get Them Back On The App

After a few weeks, your app will likely have people who downloaded it and stopped using it or downloaded it and deleted it after a few days. Since you have your framework now set up to track and target those people, you can re-engage with them and see why they stopped using the app.

You can also incentivize them to redownload it or log back in with a freebie, discount or giveaway. For example, our Zutobi app helps people pass their permit tests, so we could retarget users who have gotten their permit and are now ready for their license.  We could send push notifications that congratulate them on completing their permit test and notify them that it’s never too early to start studying for their license test.

Even if they choose not to, it’s always a good idea to learn why someone stopped using the app so you know where you might need to make improvements.

Remember– Good Ads Save You A Ton Of Money

Advertising might be expensive initially, but creating high-quality, targeted ads will save you money in the long run by putting you directly in front of your ideal customers. So if you’re on the fence about spending money on ads, remember that they’re really an investment in the future of your app.

Good App Marketing Includes ASO

You can’t have good app marketing with app store optimization. So, if after a couple of days or weeks, your app isn’t getting the hype that you thought it would, it might be worthwhile to check it for ASO. Whether it’s the App Store or Google Play, experiment with some keyword phrases that best describe your app or how someone might search for something similar. You can still do A/B testing at this phase to see what your users are more likely to respond to.

Use Multiple Platforms

Don't get too dependent on a single ad network. When it comes to marketing post-launch, the more platforms, the merrier—and the more people you're able to virtually get in front of. Dip your toes in all of the different marketing platforms that are available to you, but don’t be afraid to ditch one if it’s not converting and refocus your efforts on the ones that are.

Target market research can help you identify the top platforms that your customers are using. Having multiple streams of leads and potential users is ideal, and you’re much more likely to capture that traffic when you’ve done your homework, and you know where they hang out online.

Understand The Purpose Of Your Marketing Efforts

There’s an underlying purpose to all marketing efforts, and it’s crucial to identify yours at every step of the game. Now that you’ve launched your app, what is the goal of this new push? Are you trying to convert more users? Increase your ratings or number of subscriptions? Or are you simply trying to create a little buzz?

Whatever it is, make sure your purpose is clear before you start investing in new strategies. Understanding the overall goal will help you make better marketing decisions that will get you closer to reaching it.

Don’t Be Afraid To Trash A Campaign That Isn’t Converting

And finally, don’t be afraid to call it quits if something isn’t working. Paying attention to the data is such a critical component of marketing because it shows you if you’re on track to meeting your goal or not. Sure, you can try to make some adjustments and changes to see if that will help, but you have to recognize when a campaign just isn’t good.

For us, our app works across all 50 states where each state has their own intricacies and issues drivers and potential drivers face. Some of our ads work well in some states and not others. We also have CDL courses alongside regular drivers license courses. We often have to customize our campaigns and marketing so that we address each state’s driving rules and DMV tests.

So if the numbers aren’t getting better and there’s no sign of improvement, call it quits and start again. Your future self will thank you.

Continue To Nurture Your Marketing Efforts

Launching an app requires a lot of marketing, but so does keeping that app alive. Once the ribbon has been cut and the shows on the road, don’t forget to continue nurturing those marketing efforts and driving more leads to your app.


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Tim Waldenback is the co-founder of Zutobi Drivers Ed, a gamified e-learning platform focused on online drivers education to help teens get their license. Tim founded Zutobi to make world-class driver's education fun, affordable, and easily accessible for all.

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