Customer Experience Is The New SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as the name suggests, aims to improve a website's position in search engines. Thousands of companies that sell goods and provide services use such marketing techniques. In each case, the principles of doing business may be different, but the approach is the same — the main task of professionals who work in the SEO area is to promote maximum customer engagement. This is what grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, and large showrooms need.

According to professionals, good SEO should be based on improving the quality of customer service (CX). This is a must-have if you want to excel in the industry. Most of the Top 10 Forbes companies have long focused on branding and customer experience. Such techniques any startup should adopt. But in order to succeed with specific marketing tools, people need to first understand the definition of terms and other nuances.

What is CX and How Does it Work?

Due to the high competition and saturation of markets with goods, it will not be easy for start-ups to succeed. Sales funnels, contests, polls in private groups, and messengers are just a few effective techniques that entrepreneurs should implement. The customer experience begins when marketers have created a strategy and a buyer's journey. This is where SEO tools come in very handy. We're talking about link building, keyword resource customization, and more. Branding and identity are equally important. Without such content, consumer loyalty to a specific brand is out of the question.

Analyzing customer needs is always a good strategy. Every time users want to know more about a product or have a request, they will most likely submit it to the Internet. If a particular site has answers to questions, it's a good user experience. We're talking about both content and automated chatbots. The ICOholder platform is one of the good examples of implementing such principles. The introduction of innovations made it possible to popularize this investment project in just a few years.

Search engines are applying more and more filters, which excludes the effects of bad content. These days, entrepreneurs should not only think about how to attract traffic but also develop principles for promotional materials. The marketing goal is no longer to cover all markets. Besides, the consumer has a strong opinion that customer reviews aren’t believable content. Many business owners believe that due to excessive marketing, such a tool is discredited. The fact that this delusion is confirmed by the development of the Google My Business platform. This is a fundamentally new product with refined principles and a good perspective in terms of customer experience.

Organic Traffic

The best way to increase organic traffic is to create a good link-building strategy. Redirects make your site more accessible, easier to find, and improve SEO rates. Experienced marketers say it's always best if the prospect meets your product or service organically. In this category, search engines result, social media content. This means that when building the user experience, it is worth considering the target audience’s expectations. The following is equally important:

  • Page load time
  • Availability of visual content (photos, infographics, tables)
  • The authority of sites selected for link building
  • Stakeholder engagement

Organic traffic should not be associated with no ads. Many newbies mistakenly believe that advertising costs should be minimal for startups. If your potential consumer visits your site after a friend or an expert has recommended a particular store, this is organic traffic, in both cases. Increasing profits is hardly possible without costs.

Artificial Intelligence

Even small companies these days prefer to use sales funnels, Artificial Intelligence, and other techniques. This is not only an increase in profits but also a decrease in the cost of hiring a large marketing team. Bad SEO with the constant publication of dozens of noninformative texts no longer works. The marketing is increasingly segmented for a specific target audience. In a highly competitive environment, only such methods can lift the site above competitors. Aspiring entrepreneurs should initially focus on reputation so that they don't have to spend time fixing the situation.

Consumers increasingly expect communication with companies anytime, anywhere. But, this does not mean that entrepreneurs have to provide 24/7 service or offer all communication channels. They can use AI to process the most frequent queries. It is a system that creates the effect of the presence and responsiveness of the support service.


Digital marketing agencies are teams that specialize in more than SEO or organic traffic. Only complex methods work well in terms of increasing profits. In addition, it is worth considering technical innovations and consumer habits. In the coming years, people are becoming less likely to spend a lot of time on websites — marketing in messengers and groups is more relevant. Most SEO professionals today are increasingly focusing on customer experience and brand experience.


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