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4 Habits of Successful CEOs

Despite having 24 hours each day like everyone else, CEOs seem to have a supernatural ability to manage an overwhelming amount of tasks. And while there is no regimented schedule that guarantees success, many brilliant executives have some of their daily habits in common.  The following routines have played a huge role in their success, and anyone can adopt these ...

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Capture New Sources of Value in New Ways — Otherwise, Why Bother?

The past 40 years of corporate strategy have focused primarily on building firm-based competitive advantages to maintain or improve growth. But technologies advance. Markets shift. Customer expectations change. All have organizational implications on where to focus and how to execute. The capabilities (skill-sets, behavioral patterns and assets) that made many organizations successful up to now no longer apply. The new ...

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Small Businesses Still Love Checks: 5 Reasons They Should Stop Sending Them In the Mail

Writing checks has been an integral part of running a small business for well over a century – as essential to an entrepreneur’s operations as turning on the lights or balancing the cash drawer. And for most of that history, hearing “the check is in the mail” was like a vote of confidence. Small business owners didn’t worry about delays ...

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The Top 10 Website UI Trends of 2018 You Need to Implement Right Now

What is a website without its users? That is something all site owners should mull over before they think about skimping on design and usability features. The dedicated visitor traffic to a website determines its popularity and profitability. Your site’s usability will determine its conversion rate. The user interface (UI) will contribute to a significant part of your monthly revenue. ...

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Pros and Cons of Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is not an easy decision anyone would like as a last resort. But there’s always a bright side to it as much as there are downsides too. If you have a certified credit counselor or a bankruptcy attorney, you can understand some options that can help you make a perfect choice. You only need to ensure you ...

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Confused About Where To Start With Handling Your Personal Finances? Start Here!

Tune in to rational thinking, not feeling; resist the urge to panic and abstain from settling on choices because of frenzy or over the top energy. Beginning with little records can make it less demanding to hold feelings within proper limits. On the off chance that you keep your cool when deciding, you will have a less demanding time following ...

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10 Creative Tactics for Lead Generation for Your Business

The lead generation process is quite a challenge, especially for businesses that rely on traditional techniques. Sending your prospects cold emails or scraping together long lists can be quite demoralizing. This is mainly because most of these people may not even know you or your products and services. Here are trusted ways in which you can achieve your lead generation ...

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5 Best Practices to Help Employees Deal with Stress and Improve Productivity

Work-related stress has a direct and negative impact on your employee’s productivity. Did you know, lack of support and workload are two major causes of stress at workplace? As per statistics shared by HSE UK, “12.5 million working days were lost owing to work-related stress, depression and anxiety in the United Kingdom alone in 2016-17.” The study further reveals that ...

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8 Crucial Elements to Creating and Marketing Successful Apps

If your business wants to stay competitive, it’s going to need more than just a website—it’s also going to need a successful mobile app. Many companies are already moving towards a mobile-centric approach, due to Google’s recent policy of mobile-first indexing. However, enhancing your online presence with an app will put you above and beyond your competition. Think of successful ...

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Five Tips to Help You Love Your First Job

New college grads will have an advantage this year in the job market. Employers plan to hire 4 percent more new graduates for their U.S. operations from the Class of 2018 than they did from the Class of 2017. So, congratulations to the Class of 2018, not only are you finishing school, but there will be more space for you ...

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