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Hey CEO: You Might Be the Problem

When you’re in the weeds on a daily basis, it’s often hard to tell what the problem is. Unfortunately, sometimes the problem is you. Now hold on — hear me out here. No matter how preposterous it sounds, yes, you could be the one slowing your business down. I realize that you’re the one who risked everything, put on your ...

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Turning the fear of failure into business success

Entrepreneurship requires a certain boldness. Deciding to go into business for yourself, to trust your own instincts, and forge your own path can put you on a path to great success or dismal failure, and the fear of the latter can be suffocating. How can we be sure it’s time to make the leap?   The golden age of business ...

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4 Tips to Overcoming Shyness in Business Settings

It’s essential in entrepreneurship to create opportunities, go for what you desire, and be willing to take risks. But not everyone feels confident to speak up or be seen and heard in certain business situations. We all have areas that we find easy, and others we don’t. You may have ease telling your fighting kids to cut it out, take ...

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4 Smart Tips to Optimize Your Direct Mail Campaign

Though digital marketing is all the rage, direct mails remain the most profitable marketing channel for today’s data-driven market. A report revealed 70 percent of Americans find direct mails more personal than the internet. Moreover, 80 percent of people sort through the mails right away and are influenced to make a buying decision. So, direct mails are in vogue! Without ...

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Should Your Workers Wear Uniforms? These Facts Say They Do!

As a business owner, you have several expectations from your employees. You want them to be committed to their work, and you want them to show how passionate they are about it when handling clients. In other words, you want them engaged. Can we talk about engagement? What does it mean for an employee to be engaged? It means that ...

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The Anatomy of a Winning Business Proposal

Writing proposals to win business is the lifeblood of just about every organization whether a multi-million dollar company or one-person shop. From healthcare to technology, to construction and the finance and insurance industries, the people who strategize, research, write, edit, budget, and design bids and proposals are, perhaps, the unsung heroes of corporate America.  They drive revenue into their organizations ...

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5 Reasons Today’s Hottest Coffee Shop Franchises Have a Good Survival Rate

Interestingly enough the concept of the franchise comes from the middle ages, it has lasted through all these ages and developed into the today’s definition of franchises. So, do you remember the first franchise you ever discovered? Was it a food franchise or a Vehicle franchise? For most of you, the answer would be a food franchise or a drink ...

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Tips for Making a Perfect Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Making Pinterest marketing strategy is unquestionably one of the perfect practices to get traffic on your websites. Pinterest is one of the popular social networking sites among individuals. PewResearch reports said that around 31% of online adults use Pinterest, which makes it a popular network among the masses. It is a known fact that the social media platforms are the ...

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Digital is the New Reality for Finance and Business

Come 2020, a majority of the world’s core functions will be purely digital. Money transfer, payment of goods and services, peer-to-peer lending, data transfer and sharing, ubiquitous connectivity are among a few things that will undergo a massive transformation. Ladies and gentlemen, the digital transformation wheels are turning and there is no stopping them. There is a lot of expenditure ...

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The Best Methods for Acquiring New Customers You Need to Know

As a startup business, one of the most challenging prospects you’ll come up against is finding and securing your first customers. You’ve already invested so much time in your products and services, and now you’ve reached the point where it all starts to pay off, so you’ll want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. It doesn’t matter ...

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