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Top Marketing Tools You Must Use to Become a Smart Marketer

In this fast-paced world, if you really wish to become a smart marketer then it is important for you to use some really good marketing tools which will make you more efficient and help you do more in less time. These tools also help you connect with your audience in a better way. So without further ado, let’s see what ...

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The Myths and Truths about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

There is a new day dawning in the world of finance and, in fact, is upon us. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and other financial innovations are finding their way into the mainstream of doing business. Make no mistake: Blockchain technology is transformational.  It has the power to provide a much more transparent and secure process for tracking information.  It will change supply ...

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7 Tips on Effective Networking for Small Business Owners

Are you a small business owner, struggling to find the time for networking? Time is money in business, but networking with other businesses is the investment you cannot afford to miss out on. ‘’This is the greatest way to generate new leads, keep track of the latest industry trends, and gain knowledge and inspiration from others.’’ – shares Donna Litt, ...

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5 Ways High-Performance Organizations Make Meetings Effective

Every organization has to figure out how to make meetings productive. It’s a complex challenge. To be effective, each meeting needs to engage the individual talents of the people involved, work to achieve the organization’s specific goals for the moment, and do so in a way that’s both culturally relevant and contextually sensitive to the world around it. Not an ...

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Debunked: 4 Myths About Women in Business

Women are a force to be reckoned with in the business world. They makeup almost half of the U.S. workforce and own more than 11.6 million firms. There are more women in the labor force, more women earning degrees, and more female entrepreneurs than ever before. However, women are still subject to old stereotypes and misconceptions. For women, shattering myths ...

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30 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Tips

No matter how you look at it, starting a business is hard. One of the hardest things you may ever have to do. There’s the business plan to think over, a name, government policies to consider, how it will affect your family, finances and the list rolls on from there. Some hardened entrepreneurs suggest spending a long time thinking about ...

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Why Corporations Are Lagging Behind in Mobile Development

Corporations seem to have an advantage when it comes to mobile app development. Firstly, they have the resources and workforce. Secondly, they have a selection of app developers trying to “breach” into the inner circle of trusted partners and have a field day with a corporate development budget. Thirdly, businesses are willing to fork out tremendous amounts of money to ...

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Which Degree is the Best For Attaining the Position of a CEO

Attaining the position of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is likely the final goal of many careers and determining which is the best degree for this position can be a vital decision. To become a CEO though, you will need to both business experience and the right degree because CEO direct companies, take multifaceted decisions which can warrant top salaries ...

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How to Use ‘’Google Trends’’ for Your Business

Google Trends is one of the most useful, yet under-utilized business tools. How can we define it? The best way to describe it would be: Google Trends is a website that delves deep into the mechanics of top search queries on Google Search. With graphs and time-related data, it can show you how does a query become popular. Why is ...

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State of the Smart TV: Is the TV market at a crossroads?

As viewing habits shift and the consumer electronics market stagnates, what does the TV industry need to do to ensure that the market doesn’t falter? How we watch TV has fundamentally changed in recent years – the notion of broadcast is becoming increasingly defunct as people stream shows on Netflix and Amazon, download content or watch videos on YouTube. TVs ...

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