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Holiday Tips for Bloggers to Maximize Earnings

1. Remember your blog is valuable because it’s your voice Your blog should be just that – yours. Your loyal and growing readership are there because they trust your advice, love your style, and find inspiration in your content. To build an audience and your own brand, you need to stamp out your own voice and what your readers would be ...

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Affordable Care Act Creates Tough Healthcare Choices For Small Businesses

Small businesses which provide employee health insurance face a three-choice conundrum in deciding what to do under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They can:  Remain with their current group plans; Terminate those plans and purchase insurance at the Health Insurance Marketplaces mandated under the ACA and available in every state; or  Eliminate their employer-sponsored health insurance, let employees purchase it ...

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To Really Know Something, Or: The Value of Working with Trusted Experts

Expertise is not simply a good thing, an admirable advantage for a CEO or another professional. It is, instead, a necessity. It means the difference between deciphering complex information, making the right decisions and avoiding the wrong ones, no matter how attractive they appear. It means, in short, having the knowledge to identify opportunities and the ability to seize the ...

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Happy Halloween: Form-1040 R.I.P.

This is the updated 1040-R.I.P. for filing a return from the grave. This form is courtesy of the Landmark Tax Group.  

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When the Conventional Is Deadly: Ending a Broken Philosophy and Promoting a Culture of Healing

If there is one business practice, which is the enemy of intelligence and the principles of decency, it is the concept known as FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). This theory – it is both a strategy and a series of tactics – is commonplace within certain industries (more about anon), where sales, marketing, advertising, public relations and the equivalent of ...

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Have It OUR Way: Giving Customers Control Will Dramatically Boost Your Business

Back in the 1950’s, leading rental car company Hertz marketed itself with the slogan: “Let Hertz put you in the driver’s seat.” This catchphrase was a direct appeal to our natural desire for control, a theme that’s played out again and again in advertising. In 2010, for example, National Car Rental ran ads that showed how customers could register online, ...

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What Would Your Business Do With $250K? Grant Deadline 10/31

CEO Blog Nation announced a few weeks ago an opportunity from Chase and Premier Sponsor Google for 12 small business owners to win a $250k grant. Chase’s Mission Main Street℠ Grants shows Chase’s ongoing commitment to small business owners. All businesses that apply and are eligible will gain access to a Social Media Toolkit and receive a special advertising offer from ...

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Featured Post: Branded Boxes

When you think about your branding, what do you think about? Do you think about that LinkedIn profile you worked so hard to build? Do you think about your website? Do you think about the email list you’re building? Do you think about your online reputation? Do you think about your mail? It’s really easy to get caught up in ...

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Coffee Cup Chronicles: Beyond The Cubicle – 3 People Management Tips for Supervisors

In my last job, a colleague who would often complain to our director about my style.  He’d rail: “How is he getting anything done?  All I see him doing is walking around with a coffee cup!”  What he didn’t realize was that my coffee cup was my prop, my entry ticket into a casual conversation with my employees as well ...

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Turning Dreams into a Reality: 3 Management Lessons from Field of Dreams

There’s nothing more exciting to me than putting on that first sweater of the fall season. The first hint of crisp, autumn air reminds me that the kids are back in school where they belong, that eating carbs is ok again (after all – who will notice a few extra pounds if I am wearing a sweater?), and…it’s playoff season. ...

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