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Managers – Knock Your next Presentation out of the Park with the Public Speaking Tips

Delivering your ideas and plans can sometimes be frustrating. Experiencing any of the “common-colds” of public speech like sweaty palms and stuttering can only be addressed to one thing – a stage fright. Even though there’s no stage, it’s still hard to get over the initial frights and become a bona fide speaker. There are ways of getting over all of ...

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Pinpointing the Right Tone of Voice for Your Business

A business without a voice doesn’t stand a chance of remotely peeking out above the competition. A strong voice can put you as a leader in your industry, and the company that other businesses look towards to model their own business practices after. Distilled.net recommends a varied approach to developing your tone. The company values, personality, humor, storytelling and finally ...

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Tips for Communicating with Employees During the Holiday Season

Holiday season is a time of year everybody looks forward. But at the same time it’s the time of year when many of us feel the most stress. There is so much to be glad about during the holidays, gatherings, parties, end-of-the-year vacations and breaks. But everyone seems to want the same considerations. Expectations and desires conflict everywhere you look, ...

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5 Ways to Be a Leader Outside of the Office

Want to be a better leader to more than just your employees? If so, you’re not alone. Don’t sit back and wait for leadership opportunities to present themselves to you. If you’re hoping to prove yourself a great boss, it’s in your best interest to show some initiative. How do you do that? It isn’t as hard as you might ...

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The Mentor, the Medium and the Message: The Power of Social Media

That social media is a powerful resource is no surprise. We need only watch the movie The Social Network, which now seems like a dated story about the cultural conflict between nerds and jocks (albeit highly intelligent jocks) at Harvard, to uncover the obvious: That social media – namely, Facebook – is more than a billionaire’s plaything; it is, along with so many ...

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5 Ways to Tell if Your Workplace is Toxic

“Toxic workplaces” have become a hot topic of conversation in the business world. And almost everyone has a story to tell about a bad boss, a crazy colleague or just a terrible place to work.  But how do you tell if your workplace is really toxic , a worse-than-normal place to work, or just a normally stressful work environment? Having ...

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Hike your Employee Engagement by These Three Ace Steps

Employee engagement is important for every business. When employees feel engaged, they are more productive on the job. They also tend to stay with a company longer, which can reduce your turnover costs associated with hiring and training new staff members. The question is how can a business improve their employee engagement? Here are some steps to follow. Define the ...

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Communicate to Success: The Necessity of Sound Messaging

CEOs have so many roles and responsibilities, punctuated by different styles of leadership and equally divergent beliefs about everything from enhancing productivity and building employee morale to sales and product development. But this diversity is, while a positive example of the richness of humanity, almost beside the point — in one critical regard: The ability to communicate. For, it does ...

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