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Growing Pains – Tips to Effectively Manage Increasing Employee Numbers

Have you ever had an employee quit and then erase the hard drive on their corporate computer, permanently deleting hundreds of proprietary company files? Or had to hire several new employees and find you have no processes in place to manage the new team? Speaking from experience, this situation can be a business owner’s worst nightmare. A growing business is ...

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5 Ways to Motivate Your Workforce

At the heart of any successful business is a dedicated and productive team – and if you’re the head of that team, you’re responsible for keeping your employees motivated. You’ll have heard the phrase ‘be the change you want to see’ – and as a manager, you should be striving to put the best version of yourself forward and leading ...

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What We Owe Our Workers: Loyalty as Proof of Leadership

Does a business owe its employees more than the law requires? Are there moral demands, which transcend compliance with safety procedures and tax guidelines, a company should follow? The answers to these questions tell us everything we need to know about a brand, exposing the fraudulence of “manufactured devotion,” where workers perform morning calisthenics – and shout, in unison, their ...

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When They Look Good, You Look Good: How to Motivate Your Employees

You are only as strong as your workforce. You learned this while you were working to build your workspace, develop relationships with client and perfect your product…well—you learned this after you stopped trying to do everything yourself. You learned (and probably quickly) that your employees are the lifeblood of your company. When they are happy and motivated, your business soars. ...

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Four Tell-Tale Signs Your Business Needs to Take on Extra Help

The operation of your business greatly relies on your ability to manage the workforce. Knowing when to hire new individuals can maintain the momentum of your growth. But what if you’re unsure when to begin hiring? Here are a few signs that will help clear up the fog. 1. You’re growing fast What would happen if your orders or clients ...

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Featured Post: How Employee Engagement Affects A Company’s Bottom Line

Most CEOs have the same company goals. They want top-notch customer service, high sales and profits at the end of each month. Indeed, all these are great, achievable targets – but they’ll remain only phantoms if your company lacks employee engagement. Bad news, but even a mega-company can’t achieve its monthly goals/objectives without an engaging workforce. The Corporate Leadership Council reports ...

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What Do You Love About Your Employees?

When looking at a company the face value is what you most admire. Papa John is the face of the pizza empire, Dave Thomas was the inspirational leader for Wendy’s, and Steve Jobs shook things up as the fixture of Apple. When you think of many companies there is usually a signature feature you associate the company with. Business owners ...

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How Business Owner and Entrepreneur Motivate Employees [Infographic]

In Lance Trebesch’s June 15 Blog, we all learned all about how NOT to Inspire a Startup. However, while it’s great to know what to avoid, sometimes it’s good to have a plan of action too. The key, as Lance suggested, is motivation. But these days, there are so many opinions and techniques out there that it becomes hard to know ...

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How NOT to Motivate Your Employees

Everyone knows that keeping your employees motivated is crucial to growing a startup. However, the best way to accomplish this remains a topic of some debate. There are multiple schools of thought on the subject, each with its own record of successes and failures.  However, in my experience, it’s not what you do to motivate your employees that matters so ...

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