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15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Sales Tips

Sales is the lifeblood of any organization. You don’t have to like it, but sales is one of the essential skills and actions entrepreneurs need to have successful ventures.  While a lot of people shy away from sales, we asked some entrepreneurs and business owners for their tips or advice when it comes to sales. #1- Several tips I’m both ...

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16 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Social Media Sites They Use Most For Their Businesses

Social Media is a huge opportunity for businesses. Many argue that there has been no better time to start a business because of the direct-to-consumer relationship where entrepreneurs and business owners can reach their target clients and customers. For business owners often using marketing platforms like social media is the difference between success and failure. We asked some entrepreneurs  and ...

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The Best Locations To Be An Innovator

When you think of innovation when it comes to business and technology there is one go-to place. Silicon Valley is the nest for innovative companies looking to get their start. It’s a place where entrepreneurs the businesspeople flock to in order to bring all of their wacky and wonderful dreams to fruition. Silicon Valley has a lot of history tied ...

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