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12 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Tips On Being Innovative In Their Companies

To stand out from your competitors, you have to be innovative. Being innovative will not only boost your keep you ahead but it will also ensure you develop a refreshed team spirit. Innovativeness is boosted through collaboration with employees of the company and embracing new ideas as they come. It’s a common scenario to find companies investing time and resources ...

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3 Steps to Creating an Innovative Business

Business is a popular subject. Many conventions, expos, books and conversations focus on the topic. In the midst of all of the theories and discussions, how do you know what actually leads to success? With all of the creativity and ideas, how do you discover and choose what is actually going to work – for you? That question has thousands ...

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Harnessing the Power of Free – The Best Innovative Marketing Model for Startups

Facebook started its journey back in 2004 as a relatively small social networking site which served the students of Harvard and now it has become the biggest phenomena of our times with 1.71 billion active monthly users as of June 2016. The company turned cash flow positive for the first time in 2009 and then went on to become the ...

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External Sales Force in Tech is Extinct – Pivot to Maintain Relevance

As a tech industry veteran, I have witnessed many a trend but must discern necessary adjustments to stay ahead of the competition. In my current role as CEO of a cloud automation company, my most important task is to act as Chief Revenue Officer. This measurable responsibility is pretty clear; generate revenue and profit for the company to continually increases ...

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4 Steps to Creating an Innovative Business

Creating an innovative business starts with leadership. The type of leadership that creates a greater difference, generates more possibilities in business, in people’s lives, and in the world. This type of leadership is benevolent leadership. Where you create business for the good of all. To be innovative you must be unconventional, otherwise you will be stuck deep in the limitations ...

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Creating a Healthy Workforce: Lessons in Leadership and Innovation

A CEO with a commitment to workplace wellness is a leader worthy of praise. He or she understands that a business cannot thrive – no organization can survive – when employees suffer from acute or chronic pain. One professional who respects this fact is Jason Ridgel, President of JUSCO Medical. The company is one of the country’s top makers of durable medical equipment, ...

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The Best Locations To Be An Innovator

When you think of innovation when it comes to business and technology there is one go-to place. Silicon Valley is the nest for innovative companies looking to get their start. It’s a place where entrepreneurs the businesspeople flock to in order to bring all of their wacky and wonderful dreams to fruition. Silicon Valley has a lot of history tied ...

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Entrepreneurs, Is Innovation Dead?

There are some fields which have become stale over the last few years. Movie studios are only interested in making sequels, prequels, or rereleases of old movies with new 3D technology. Popular franchises in the video game industry have begun to show their cracks and flaws as each year the same game comes to consoles. Even business seems to have ...

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Tradition and Innovation: Enhancing the Value of a Trusted Brand and Increasing Efficiency with New Technology

The challenge every executive faces, at some point or another, involves innovation. Specifically, the issue is one of identifying, embracing and actualizing change – innovative change – that can make a business more transparent, unified, efficient and communicative. Those advantages also redound to clients, giving them the exceptional service they want with the consistency of results they deserve. To see ...

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Business Can (Or Can't) Innovate Too Much

Businesses are always told to innovate or perish.  There are companies that have gone through struggles largely because of their lack of innovation and there are companies that might innovate too much.  Rescue A CEO had the opportunity to ask entrepreneurs what is the good and bad of each side of the coin.   Q: Is there such a thing ...

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