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6 Tips For Networking in Shared Offices and Co-Working Spaces

Traditional workspaces are on their way out. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 65 million Americans (40% of the workforce) will be freelancers, temps, independent contractors and solopreneurs by 2020. As this independent workforce grows, more and more shared office and co-working spaces are popping up across the nation to accommodate these non-traditional workers. One of the greatest advantages to ...

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Featured Post: Little Things Make a Big Difference in a Functional Office

It is shocking how much money is put into initially setting up a small business workspace. There is so much focus on the big things; that the little things often slip between the cracks. So much of the time, it is simple necessities of life that make the biggest difference in having a polished workspace conducive for productivity vs a ...

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Featured Post: Outfitting Expensive Offices on a Tight Budget

San Diego is a great place to do business, the number of big and small companies that are flocking to the city to set up shop should be evidence of that. This city is quickly joining the ranks of bigger cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles for startup and entrepreneurial success. CEOs are choosing to relocate their companies ...

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New 3D Design Tool Turns Business Owners Into Designers

One of the steps that often gets overlooked for entrepreneurs and business owners is the office and the importance of planning and designing an office that allows entrepreneurs to effectively and efficiently run their business. Steelcase and Turnstone understand this and have launched a new tool that allows workers and aspiring office designers to plan and design workspaces in 3D using the ...

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Top 5 Office Trends & Items That Will Disappear in the Next 5 Years

The day came when rotary phones were extinct just like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. LinkedIn provided 5 additional items or office trends that you need to be prepared for so that your office isn’t left in the 13th century.

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