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How to Avoid Your Start-up Failing

Starting your own business is pretty much always an uphill struggle. To succeed, budding entrepreneurs need to remain healthy, pro-active, smart and enthusiastic, which is easier said than done. Here are some tips to avoid your start-up from failing. Plan Ahead Establishing a business plan is an absolute must for all new companies. Your business plan will keep your ideas ...

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Top 8 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

We have witnessed many businesses rise and fall. While a lot of factors go behind the success of any rising empire. That one cornerstone which marks out a successful venture from the rest is the mind behind it from the start to eternity of that organization. To emulate their success it’s essential to learn about their characteristics that sets them ...

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A Story of Life and Luxury, or: How to Create a Great Brand

In response to the universal question about business, “How do you create a great brand?” I see the answers on the wall. There, enclosed within their respective gold-painted, ornate wood frames, are portraits of three men, each regally attired – outfitted like the leaders they were, looking like Supreme Court justices or European ambassadors – with their eyes focused on ...

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12 Entrepreneurs Explain the One Word that Means Success

Success can be a relative term meaning different things to different people. For entrepreneurs and business owners the “carrot” that they are chasing is always that carrot. While it is easy to become obsessed with the goal, it is usually in the process where the “magic” truly happens. We asked some entrepreneurs and business owners what is one word that ...

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20 Entrepreneurs Give Advice on How to Run a Successful Business

Having and running a successful business is the goal of entrepreneurs and business owners. While success is often a relative term, we know that entrepreneurs start their business with a specific goal and a vision and it is when they reach that goal that they are “successful”. It could be $1M in gross revenue or donating to charity but each ...

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Curing versus Credentials: Why Results Are the True Measure of Success

In my work as a healer, as someone who also embraces the excitement of being an entrepreneur, I have a maxim for CEOs and business owners in general: Always choose the cure over the credentials. Which is to say, we need to reduce our obsession on credentials – we too easily mistake where someone went to college or graduate school, ...

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A World Ruled By The 5 R's of Absolute Success

Imagine a world ruled by the 5Rs of Absolute Success: respect, responsibility, recognition, renewal, and resilience.  Wouldn’t that be something?  Imagine a place where respect for oneself and others was supreme, where responsibility and taking care of one’s assignments ruled the day, where success was accepted and embraced, where renewal and rebirthing were integral parts of lived experience, and where ...

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Outwitting The Devil (Book Review)

Book: Outwitting The Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success Author: Napoleon Hill annotated by Sharon Lechter Pages: 269 Twitter Review: Great read in a unique conversational format. Drives home points on success and how and why some make it and others don’t. Review: This is not the average book for entrepreneurs.  This doesn’t deal with business plans or financials; ...

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