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What We Can Learn from BlackBerry’s Mistakes

As recently as 2009, BlackBerry – formerly known as Research In Motion (RIM) – was the darling of the smartphone world. BlackBerry’s line of phones were so popular in the business world, and such an addicting form of technology, that they earned the nickname ‘CrackBerry’. However, since then, the company has become overshadowed by Apple’s iPhone and the Android line ...

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Technology with a Human Face: A New Standard in Web Hosting

Technology can be cold, complex and impersonal. Indeed, that is what any form of technology is: An algorithm or code that is neither self-aware nor capable of compassion, empathy, tact, decency or the slightest degree of emotional intelligence. That definition does not, however, square with the interpreters of technology – the designers and “digital artisans” who humanize products through the ...

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Is Your Business Data Secure? Serious Stats to Get You Thinking!

As the issue of data ownership becomes increasingly complex, and the rights and responsibilities of those who manage and use it become more confusing, it’s perhaps unsurprising that a growing number of organisations don’t know where their data is. And not only do they not know where it is, these days thousands of organisations don’t even know who is responsible ...

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The Benefits of Marketing Automation: Why Small Businesses Should Invest in One

Companies that rely on buying, selling, and promoting goods to profit need to have a good understanding of what people need and want. In today’s society, many people have become so used to living a fast-paced lifestyle that, whenever they purchase products, items or a certain service they want it done through a hassle-free and speedy process. With that much ...

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Simplify and Clarify: Using Technology to Uncover Hidden Savings

Here is a simple question for every executive and business owner: What is your definition of technology, as a subject, and as a practical resource involving the way you run your company? The answer to that query reveals a wealth of information, from the way a business operates and manages the flow of information to how an organization collects and ...

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Should Your Business Cloud Commute?

Think about this. There’s a growing amount of workers in this country trading in the bumper-to-bumper traffic of their commute, the bad company coffee and annoying impromptu meetings – for their home offices. According to Flexjobs.com, the number of workers who telecommute has increased by over 60% since 2005. Flexible work schedules have risen in popularity as well, with over ...

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