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Why Good Leaders Take Time to Gain Fresh Perspective

  The higher up you are in your organization, the more time you should spend working on your business, not working in your business. A functional manager, for example, like someone who manages a call center, can perhaps spend 95% of the day supervising subordinates, tracking calling activity, and handling the other day-to-day requirements of the job. That would leave ...

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How to do your Personal Taxes without Pain, Even if it’s Late

Every tax season, business owners and individuals must gather all their financial information and go through the process of filing their taxes. For those who choose to file their taxes on their own, even with the help of software, the process can become quite a pain. There is also the pressure to file on time, which can cause people to ...

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Sorry, Networking Isn’t the Answer.  Persistence and Purpose is

There’s been much written about networking and its value in business.  Most of those articles read like a “how to” list, providing a step by step guide to becoming more effective at networking, with helpful tips about the need to do your homework, balancing time, prioritizing, and of course following up.  Many read these articles and think they can check ...

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How to Boost Engagement by Blending Instagram with Email Marketing?

Instagram is fast becoming the favorite of marketers all over the world. This popularity of Instagram owes to it 700 million followers and the fact that 300 million of its users access the social network every single day. In the age of social media popularity, one may undermine the reach of email as a vehicle for marketing business.  But, being ...

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Business Debt Settlement – Negotiating with Creditors

Whether keeping your business afloat has been an ongoing financial struggle or you are contemplating shutting down, it is crucial to deal with business debt effectively. Business owners in debt face growing pressure from a variety of creditors, including lenders, suppliers, landlords and credit card companies. While some owners may opt to give up on their ventures and hope that ...

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What Is Call Tracking and How It Can Help You Learn Your Customers Better

Call tracking, like web analytics, is a powerful tool for businesses to better understand their current and potential customers, the effectiveness of their sales process, and the impact of their own employees. While tracking calls is not new, recent changes in technology now grant companies far more flexibility in how they track calls, what calls they track, and what insights ...

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4 Thing Your Worst Salespeople Can Teach You

 If you are a sales leader who leaves work frustrated because of the ineptitude of your sales team you are not alone.  The most recent State of Sales study released by SalesForce reveals that high-performing sales teams represent a mere 20% of all sales organizations. For leaders with aggressive growth and revenue mandates, meeting targets only half of the time isn’t good ...

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5 Keys to Finding (and Keeping) Loyal Customers

With increasing competition both on and offline, it isn’t enough to have a great product or service at a good price. You can’t afford to wait for clients to discover you. Instead, you have to be aggressive about finding them and winning their loyalty. The ability to not just find customers, but keep them, is crucial to your business’ future. ...

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Business Unlocked: You Need to Know The Truth About Property Preservation

You might be wondering how banks, lenders, or any other financial institutions who have foreclosed properties like houses in your neighborhood can remodel, repair, and maintain these properties so that it can be sold just like new. Property preservation companies provide services to those financial institutions who need maintenance, renovations or repairs, and cleaning services to remodel foreclosed properties. As ...

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Three Ways to Protect Your Brand from Fake News and Other Fraud

Fake news is not new. It has been around since the invention of print some 500 years ago. It was used to sensationalize and inflame passions and prejudices, a trend that’s carried over into our current culture. Today, fake news is increasingly being combined with social media to peddle products with false claims and endorsements. MSNBC columnist, Herb Weisbaum, describes ...

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