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How to Look Professional Online

“Perception is reality,” the saying goes and if you want people to perceive that your business is professional, you must convey that to them online. Here are three simple steps to make your business looks professional online: 1. Launch your own website. Although Facebook is an effective platform for connecting with leads, prospects, and customers, you should use it in ...

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What You Should Know About the New LinkedIn Company Pages

Over the past month, LinkedIn has begun to roll out new company pages for businesses. In order to make the changes to your LinkedIn Page, head over to your LinkedIn page and while you are signed in select edit to unlock the new changes. We have updated our Page, so head over to CEO Blog Nation’s LinkedIn Page to see the ...

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5 Branding Tips For Your Biz

I was raised to go to school and get grades sufficient enough so that I could go to college and get a good job with benefits.  I didn’t know any entrepreneurs at the time and wasn’t exposed to the idea of having your own business. After graduating from college, according to the plan that was put in place, I ended ...

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