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How to do your Personal Taxes without Pain, Even if it’s Late

Every tax season, business owners and individuals must gather all their financial information and go through the process of filing their taxes. For those who choose to file their taxes on their own, even with the help of software, the process can become quite a pain. There is also the pressure to file on time, which can cause people to ...

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Tips for Making Tax Filing Season As Stress Free as Possible

There are only a few things that are certain – death, taxes, and stress over filing taxes. Getting your finances in order for tax season can be a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, much of the stress that comes from filing taxes is due to a lack of preparation and the refusal to accept help ...

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Tax Expert Offers Tips on Filing Taxes for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Tax season only comes once a year but it’s enough to make most people want to pull their hair out. When you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, tax season can be doubly worse than usual. For anyone having gone through tax season as a first-time entrepreneur then understanding all the little restrictions and regulations is daunting. Without professional help ...

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Common Tax Mistakes of the Self-Employed

Being self-employed has many rewards; but it also comes with challenges. One such challenge is a more complicated tax situation. Employees get all their deductions taken out before they even get their paycheck, get a W-2, and in most cases, file a simple return that often nets them a sweet little refund. The self-employed are the ones most likely to ...

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5 Reasons to Go Paperless This Tax Season

As tax season approaches businesses of all sizes should be reevaluating workflow practices to improve office operations, efficiency and profitability. Electronic document management can create quick-wins on an organization’s balance sheet, lower overhead 30% to 40%, and drive profitability and growth during this busy season. Here are a few reasons why electronic document management will make a difference: Create quick-wins ...

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Happy Halloween: Form-1040 R.I.P.

This is the updated 1040-R.I.P. for filing a return from the grave. This form is courtesy of the Landmark Tax Group.  

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Income Tax Filing Deadlines

January 15, 2013 – Pay the balance of your 2012 estimated tax. If you do not meet this date, you may avoid an estimated tax penalty for the last quarter by filing your 2012 return and paying the balance due by January 31,2013. Farmers and fishermen: File your single 2012 estimated tax payment by this date. If you do not, you ...

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The Small Business Tax Infographic

Titled “The Small Business Tax”, this graphic by The ChamberOfCommerce.com offers a visual exploration of how and why small businesses take on far more than their share of the federal regulatory burden.

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