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Running a business is very difficult mainly because convincing people to make purchases is not all that simple. Some businesses do not want to you to buy but perform some action on their websites or social media accounts. The action that you make on these accounts gives the business the opportunity to grow. A social conversion is not all that easy to achieve. This is mainly because there are so many things that people want to do online and there are so many opportunities for them to do their favorite activity. If you would want them to click on a certain link then it must be enticing enough.

This is where the problem usually comes in, you could have immense search traffic but then the conversions that you are looking for are barely existent. Think of it this way, you could have a great follower base on Twitter. The largest proportion of your followers is very active. However, whenever you post content on the social media site you do not get as many engagements as you would like. They will see the content and some will like it but they will not follow the links you give them or retweet your content.

What is the point?

There is no point at all of having so many followers who are not helping boost the popularity of your account. It is the same case with your website- having too many people visiting your site might be good for search engine ranking but then it might not help your business’ growth much. It is about time that you changed this situation and you can do that quite easily. The first step is to get fantastic SEO services. You can learn how to set up display ads that are directed at a specific landing page or some other page on your website.

Once you have such ads created you can proceed to bring that traffic from your site and make use of it again within Facebook using custom audiences. It really is a simple way of bringing your business to the top. The first steps that you need to focus on are opening up Facebook’s Power Editor and ensuring that you have downloaded the most recent updates from the UI. You will find the audiences tab here and then proceed to the next step.

Inside the audience tab you will be able to check whether there is a website custom created or not. If there is none then you will want to ensure that your custom audience pixel has been put in place. In order to do this, simply click on Tools and the look for Pixels in the drop down menu. The pixel should be displayed as active it you have it in place already. Sometimes (most of the time) there is no custom audience pixel that has been created. In the event of such you need not worry because Facebook will help you to create one including how you can place it on your site.

How to retarget custom audience creation

In order to develop a new audience, you should select ‘create audience’. It is usually a green button that is located in the upper right corner of the PE. Once you scroll down you will find ‘custom audience’ and when you are asked to select the type of audience then you should go with ‘website traffic’. There are other options for you to select from. You could decide that you want to create an audience based on ‘anybody who visits your website’. The other alternative that you can use to filter the task is the people who visit a specific web page or even people who visit certain pages of your site but not some others.

It is possible to be very specific with your custom audience creation. For instance, assume that you run an ecommerce website. You can get all those who visit you site to be part of your custom audience just as aforementioned. In the case of people who visit certain pages but not others think of it this way: there are people who hit the shopping cart but fail to convert and so they do not get to the thank you page. These could also be targeted.

Once you are done setting the parameters of your website then you can decide on the audience duration. Those products and services that have a short buying cycle will do best with a shorter look back period whereas those that have a long buying cycle can take up a 180-day look back period. Such products that have long buying cycles include such things as buying a car or business-to-business products and services.

Is it wise to increase your past website traffic? This is highly recommended because it can help to maximize the list capabilities. The last step will be to create a name for the audience. Do not make a mistake of forgetting to add this newly created custom audience to the next targeted ad campaign that you build. The clicks that will be rolling in will amaze you and the CTRs will skyrocket to values that you cannot begin to imagine.

The targeting part of the story

When you have all the above done then there is no way you will have a problem with the rest. This is a sure fire way to increase the conversions that you are getting. It is one of the smartest tactics that you can use to pull users deeper into the conversion funnel. If getting conversions is the headache that you have been struggling with then this is a great solution that you can work with.


While many skeptics think that the distance between search traffic and conversions cannot be bridged, this is a method that has been tried and tested. In fact to close here is another piece of advice to heed. You can take that audience that you have created and turn it into a mirror image audience in order to target some new users who have similar behaviors as to other visitor of your landing page.

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Derek Iwasiuk is the CEO at Engage the Crowd, an SEO firm located in Minneapolis. Iwasiuk spends his free time educating thousands on the best SEO practices, as well as top agencies. You can also follow him on Twitter @Diwasiuk.

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