4 Effortless Branding Tips

Creating an easily recognizable brand is important for any business, new or old. You want your customers and clients to see your logo, recognize your colors, and understand your tagline from the very beginning.

A strong brand builds trust between customers and puts your company at the front of their mind when looking to make a purchase in your market. Without a memorable brand, you will only be left behind and forgotten about.

Now that we understand the importance of creating a strong brand, we need to understand how to create a great brand. Here are 4 effortless branding tips that will get your company recognized and remembered.

1. Create One Design Package

One of the biggest things that ruins a company's branding is when they are not consistent across websites, business cards, email signatures, and letterheads. While these little details may seem small, they can be confusing to someone on the other end receiving documents with different logos and taglines.

This idea is only amplified if you work in a consumer industry and market to customers. Your logo on each product should be the same, as well as your colors.

Create one brand package that includes your colors, logos, and style guides and stick to it with everything that you do. This way, someone who enjoyed your product or service will be able to easily distinguish you from the competition.

2. Use Your Voice

There is no exact way to run a business, but if you are not being true to who your company is, your clients and customers will be able to tell. Find your company's voice and use it through all marketing materials and messaging.

If you want to be a fun and playful brand, use language that reflects this. If you would like to be serious and professional, find a message that displays this.

Again, you'll want to keep this style consistent throughout everything you do. You need to use the same voice on your blog posts and social media messages that you use on your web copy and product packages.

3. Have a Purpose

If you are in business strictly to do business, you are going to fail. You need to have a purpose behind your business and your brand that betters the community, solves a problem for your customer, or helps people do something. This is your brand's purpose.

Your brands purpose should be reflected in all the choices you make in regards to your brand. The messages you adapt and logo you decide should allude to your purpose.

Additionally, people identify with purpose. If your reasoning for starting your company resonates with clients and customers, your brand will can be attached to that idea.

4. Cover Your Bases

All strong brands understand that things can go wrong, and when they do, they have a back up plan. Having a back up plan shows clients and customers that you care about their experience and are prepared to deliver the best service possible, even when things aren't going your way.

A simple example of having a back up plan is using closed captioning companies for your website. Video links break and audio is not the best choice for everyone, so adding a transcription of the video somewhere on your page can ensure your visitors get the information they need no matter the circumstances.

There are a lot of things that go into the development of a brand, and all of them are important. If you want to be a company your clients and customers can consistently rely on for excellent service and products, it is crucial you begin taking your brand seriously.

Implementing these 4 effortless branding tips are are an excellent way to get started on the branding process. You'll be impressed how your business improves with just these small changes.

This guest post is courtesy of Jennifer Livingston.

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