5 Ways to Get Your Brand Noticed Through a Video Campaign

Nowadays, people are getting addicted to watching YouTube videos for many reasons. Some are doing it for fun. Others intend to watch videos in order to learn something. Regardless of reasons, it is a fact that YouTube is now a popular platform for watching videos.

Because of this, many companies are taking advantage of this phenomenon. If you have a brand, and you are serious in promoting it, it is high time that you should communicate your campaign using video content. Here are five ways to get your brand noticed through a video campaign:

  1. Create Your Own YouTube Channel

Almost all businesses today have their own YouTube channel. However, before you create one, the first thing, you must do is to create an interesting video. Your content depends on the way you want to convey your message to your target audience. You can directly introduce your brand, or provide tips that will help your audience make a wise decision and consider your brands to be your recommended solution.

The important thing is to make your viewers clearly understand your point. This is why it is better if your videos also have subtitles. If the task of making subtitles seems to be daunting for you, you can hire somebody that offers closed captioning services such as spanish captioning to do it for you. Afterward, create a YouTube channel and upload your video.

  1. Optimize Your YouTube Videos

Many people simply upload their videos and expect that viewers will come soon. This approach will work if you are the only one publishing a video. Remember that there are thousands of videos being uploaded every day. To get found is a great challenge.

Therefore, it is recommended that you optimize your videos. To do so, write a long description of your videos with relevant keywords. If your description doesn’t contain some words that can be identified with your brand, it is likely that your videos will not be found in search results. On the contrary, keyword stuffing in your description will also ruin your YouTube SEO. Try to write long description as natural as you can. Don’t hesitate to write even up to 300 words.

  1. Publish Regularly

Publishing videos regularly will help you rank not only on Google’s search engine but on YouTube search as well. This is because both platforms prioritize fresh posts. By publishing regularly, you are increasing your channel’s freshness rate, and posts that have high freshness rankings are most likely to be included in search results.

On the other hand, regular publishing of videos will give you a chance to have more keywords to spread in order to get found. One title and a few keywords in your video description may not be enough. More videos will offer you a lot of long-tail keywords to spread for SEO purposes.

  1. Share Your YouTube Videos

Sharing YouTube videos to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ is what everybody does these days, and this is the reason why a video gets viral in a very short span of time. Social media platforms have readily available viewers.

If you have very few Facebook friends, you may think that it is useless to share your video and expect it to get viral. However, that is not the only way in order to spread your message through Facebook. You can search for and join related groups so you can share your video with your fellow members. The same rule applies to Google+, Twitter, and more.

  1. Link Your YouTube Video to Your Website

Your website is your landing page. If your YouTube viewers and subscribers respond to your call to action, they will look for your website that you link to your YouTube channel. This is a good practice, but it is not enough. Your website should also include some videos that are linked to your YouTube channel.

The purpose is to educate your website visitors while the interlinking of your website, and your YouTube channel promotes sharing of link juices that will help both your website and your channel to rank higher in order to get found across the internet.

Creating a single video is in fact, challenging, let alone several more. However, you don’t have to record a long video just to create one. A short video for every message may be enough depending on your campaign. Nevertheless, you can hire a third-party service provider that can create video campaigns for you.

This guest post is courtesy of Jennifer Livingston.

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