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Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO should be a part of every website’s armoury. Most website owners do not use SEO as part of their marketing strategy owing to the thought that SEO can be very expensive. Of course, it can be expensive, but it need not be if you can select the proper SEO Services USA company.

There are many companies that provide this service and some of the quote exorbitant amounts, but what you need to know is that just paying more essentially does not get you best results. To get best results using SEO and also to enhance your website authority you need to use the following strategies:

  • To rank in google you need to first do keyword research and since people are searching for longer terms, it is essential to find the right long tail keywords and then optimize your website for them.
  • The main reason many websites do not rank or are not considered as authority websites is duplicate content. You need to remove all duplicate content in your website to be known as an authority.
  • Use the keyword in the title tag of your page. This will ensure that your website is found when someone searches for the term. Also meta keywords and meta description should be added to the website. Though it is thought that meta descriptions and keywords are not required, you never know, it may be useful later and even now the descriptions are usually what you see in search results.
  • A very important and often forgotten point is the structure of the URL. The URL should be easy to read and should actually include the title of the page. For instance, if the URL has a lot of numbers and alphabets, it is of no use, but if the URL has the title it is very useful for both google as well as the user.
  • Using header tags in your posts is very essential. The title should be H1 tag and the sub titles should be H2,H3 etc. This will help google to index better.
  • Use alt tag for all your images. A very basic step which many people avoid doing. This can help in your SEO strategy immensely.
  • Provide a platform for your users to share your posts. This will help not only your social media campaign but also your search engine optimization strategy. If more people share and you get backlinks you will only be helping your website more.
  • Most important create quality content. If your content is of good quality your website will automatically be on top of search engines. Google checks bounce rates and if you have bad quality content, the bounce rate would be high. This means people visit your website but leave immediately as they do not like the content. But if you have good quality content people will stay on your website and this means that your website is good and it will start appearing on higher ranks in organic search rankings.

This guest post is courtesy of Sarah Lee.

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