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How to Get Video Shares on LinkedIn

Just like other social media platforms, LinkedIn boasts of millions of users. The site exceeds the social interactions expectations. Most people use the platform to conduct business or share ideas. LinkedIn is known for its video marketing capability which is important for businesses. The site stands out from other websites for its professional nature that brings together CEOs and decision makers. Posting on the site helps you to reach the target market within the platform and beyond. It is popularly known for its compatibility with other video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Ustream, and Vimeo. You can also share your LinkedIn videos on other forums. Reaching a greater audience brings more feedback thus enabling better decision making.

Video Shares

When using LinkedIn, you need to build trust and also make your content reliable and effective. This can be done using a video. Adding a video to your content for illustration purposes makes the content informative and easy to understand. Creating a video for your page is easy. You can record it using your phone's camera or a laptop. Once you have recorded it, upload the content on the page by selecting it from your gallery or saved destination. You can download the LinkedIn video app to ease the uploading process. Clicking on your video should give viewers a chance of sharing it on other social or video sites.

Target Audience

Your target audience will determine the quality of the videos you post. For instance, a video alone is not enough if you are dealing with deaf people. You need to make sure that such videos have subtitles. This can be difficult to achieve, and you may need professional help. You can consult subtitling service companies to come up with a video focusing on quality control and inspection, reviewing, and encoding to meet the needs of your target audience.

Ways to Use LinkedIn for Proper Marketing of Your Online Videos

Uploading a video to accompany the content will not be enough. You need to make sure that it reaches the various target audience. To achieve this, create strategies that will assist in marketing your videos online. They may include:

  • Influence the Right Audience

LinkedIn has multiple group columns to address different business interests. The discussions in these groups can help boost the views on the video by reaching the targeted audience. Select a group that matches your interests and copy the video link to the group to start the discussion. Be active in the group by asking for feedback or other relevant questions. You can share more videos to engage or answer your audience. Additional videos do not have to be from your brand.

  • Enhance Your Profile Page

Several methods are provided for users to share videos on LinkedIn. It could be done on a company or personal profile. Using the Add Media option, you can add an explainer video. The site makes it easy to post a video below the text in the section. It would be ideal to share a marketing video since your audience can also access related provisions by the company. Using LinkedIn, you can also provide a media under the Experience section in your profile. Such sections will display customer testimonials which will contribute to positive marketing.

Video marketing is recognized as one of the most efficient trends in various business sectors. Customers prefer to view a video before deciding to buy. Therefore, you need to come up with an excellent branding strategy for your business to reach the intended audience. You can hire an expert to create quality and informative videos to attract your customers based on their different needs. The videos may have either open or closed captions. Understanding your niche in the market will help you to come up with marketable videos. Becoming an active member on LinkedIn through sharing videos and engaging in related discussions will also assist you in marketing your brand.

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