How can Chatbots improve Your Sales Productivity?

Powered by perpetual advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbots are transforming the way enterprises work both internally and externally. They are no more a simple tool performing odd jobs but are becoming a vital ingredient of brand marketing and customer service strategy. According to various reports, more than 80% of businesses are expected to invest in bots by 2020. Moreover, 35% of customers are preferring companies offering chatbot facility while 95% are looking forward to having bot involved in the customer service process.

Today, various multinational and SMBs are investing in chatbot development for growing their businesses by providing a personalized experience to the consumers, responding to their queries as well as streamlining their sales process and enjoying higher productivity. The very best examples are Starbucks, Lyft, Domino’s, Uber and eBay.
Wish to know how can a chatbot enhance your brand’s sales productivity? Here is a detailed insight:

Reducing Response time

How many times have you failed to respond to a client’s query? It often happens that multiple clients approach you at the same time. While you attend one or two, other leave unattended and unsatisfied. And the result is negative word of mouth affecting your brand's reputation. To deal with this situation and maintain your brand’s reputation, you can turn towards chatbots. They can respond to the customers instantly and can strike multiple conversations. They communicate with numerous clients simultaneously without losing the context of the communication and thus, can deliver them an interactive customer experience.

Providing 24×7 Customer support

Humans cannot work throughout the day continuously. However, a bot can cater the needs of your customers throughout the day without asking for any break or additional cost. They can respond to their queries multiple times via messages, and can also offer customized solutions based on the customer’s interaction and behavior. For example, H&M’s chatbot asks a number of questions to the users about their clothing style and then offer options accordingly. They even recommend various accessories and other elements related to the question asked. This way, they not just provide an exceptional experience to the consumers but also drive sales.

Filtering Quality Leads

When it comes to sales, you have to invest a lot amount of time in every lead – you interact with them for long to convert them. However, not everyone falls on your side. Thus, all the time and efforts you put into the process goes in vain. In such a scenario, bots help you by communicating with the leads, analyzing their behavior based on Machine learning algorithms and figuring out which are genuinely interested in your product/service. This way, they help you in finding the right potential leads and convert them without wasting your time.

Managing bulk of data

It is quite tough for an individual to manage the sheer amount of data physically. You might skip a record or make an error while analyzing, which might cost you a huge loss. However, this can be prevented by employing a bot. With simple commands, you can ask a chatbot to go through the whole data and provide you with the required information . Besides, a bot can evaluate the data and provide you with deeper insights, helping you to make better marketing strategies. In short, chatbot development can cut down your efforts required to search for a relevant data, automate the sales process and assist in making profitable strategies.

Providing personal assistance

Chatbots can not only be employed for providing assistance to your customers but can also be taken into consideration for collaborating all the information, synchronizing with your team and clients, keeping a record of all the client meets, etc.

Enhancing Your Brand Presence on Social Platforms

By hosting a chatbot on platforms like Facebook, you can not only engage a wider audience but can also improve your social media presence.

Easing International Payment process

Making international payments remained a challenge for organizations. Although various financial institutions offer this facility, they charge a high fee due to which various enterprises hesitate to deal with international currency. However, with the integration of blockchain technology into your enterprise chatbots, you can enjoy the ease of international payments in the form of bitcoins. You not only enjoy faster and seamless payment process but also need not worry about higher transaction fees.

Demanding Lower Expenses

Chatbots, unlike employees and mobile applications, requires one-time investment. They neither ask for monthly salaries nor for updates after a specific time period. Besides, they look after your daily operations without losing focus in between the work or demanding better services. Thus, investing in chatbot development enables you to enjoy better outcomes at lower cost.

Now as you know different ways in which chatbot can improve your sales productivity and uplift your business, partner with the best Chatbot development agency for ensuring better outcomes.

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